Wednesday, July 28, 2010

miss me? I'm still here

Quick Takes:
  • The school year ended and now my job is being restructured. It isn't fun. Not at all.
  • We are still waiting to adopt...don't know when that will happen.
This is my new tree in the back yard. Aren't the flowers pretty?

  • We're remodeling a bathroom and I hate having to use the hall shower. It's dark. Shaving my legs in the dark is not good.
  • I have a picture of Robert Downey Jr on my computer desktop. Yes, I do have a crush.
  • Emily and I saw Eclipse and had dinner; it was so much fun.
  • Charlie's birthday is Friday and he is having a poker night. I am not invited and I am okay with that.
  • Lucy is barking in the backyard and I want to leave her there, but my neighbors probably won't like it.
  • I spent two hours in Super Walmart today and it was pretty fun. They recently remodeled one near me and it is super nice.
  • I am working at Michaels this summer and could totally spend my whole paycheck on crafts. It's a problem.
  • I posted about making garlic oil on my other blog. And how I found a chandelier on the side of the road and spray painted it and now it is hanging on my ceiling. Awesome.
  • Just wanted to keep you posted and let you know that I am okay.

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