Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkin carving

Last weekend Charlie and I went over to our friend's Phil and Bethany's apartment to have dinner and carve pumpkins. We had bought a pumpkin at Home Depot the previous weekend, but when we went to take it with us, it had a moldy spot on the back. It wouldn't have bothered me, but I was afraid that when we started cleaning out the inside, it would be rotten inside, too. So off to the store we went again, to pick out another pumpkin.

Charlie deemed this the perfect pumpkin. He talked about it over and over again about this being the perfect, classic pumpkin. It got old after awhile.

Bethany made a wonderful dinner of chicken pot pie and corn casserole. We stuffed ourselves and then began to clean out the pumpkins. Charlie cut the top off, and then disappeared into the living room to play video games with Phil, leaving Bethany and I to clean out the pumpkins. It was supposed to be a couples activity, but it became a girls thing once they discovered how slimy and gooey the inside's were.

I liked to use a spoon to scrape the insides and then dump it into the trash can. I couldn't decide what kind of pumpkin to do, and in the end I carved a girly one, with swept aside bangs and full lips.

Bethany made a Dallas Cowboys pumpkin, since she and her man are big Cowboys Fans!

Although my lips kinda look like a mustache, which I laughed at, but they do look nice lit up. It was a fun night and we were happy when we went home!


Alison said...

It's so funny that Charlie couldn't stop talking about the perfection of the pumpkin he chose. I'm not sure Craig would care one way or another what type of pumpkin we brought home. We didn't carve pumpkins until Caroline got old enough to care. He's not that thrilled with pumpkin guts.

Every year Caroline enthusiastically offers her opinion on how the pumpkin should be carved and then leaves me to do all the work. She doesn't like pumpkin guts, either.

I like your girly pumpkin with side swept bangs. You're very clever!

Looks like you had a fun time; even if the boys left you to do all the work.

Anonymous said...

It looks great.

Heather said...

Your pumpkin is so fancy!! My poor pumpkins look like I hacked them to pieces. Maybe I should try using a smaller knife.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Do you mean to tell me you didn't save the seeds and roast them in the oven? Nothing like pumpkin seeds. YUM!