Wednesday, October 7, 2009

wedding dress white

A story of several wedding dresses and my random sewing skills. Several years ago in June I went to the church early for a wedding with my husband, who was doing the sound for the wedding of our Pastor's middle daughter, Lauren. I ended up helping out as the wedding director was running around and when the bride's mom went to practice bustling up the dress, there was no loop.

We looked and looked and looked for the loop. There was lots of lace and beading on the skirt and we thought maybe we were missing something, but it just wasn't there. The hook was there, but there was nothing to hook the hook onto. Problem.

So that's how I ended up like this, ten minutes before Lauren walked down the aisle.

I said to someone, "if you have a needle and white thread, I could probably make a loop. It wouldn't be hard." So we ran around, looking for a needle. Turned out the reception decorator had a needle, but only had black thread. We looked around some more and I noticed that some she was using some cheesecloth, which is basically thread. We tore some thread off the edge and I ran down the hallway to the holding room and had Lauren lean against this cubby thing while I swore I wouldn't poke her and sewed on a loop of thread. In the picture she is meeting one of her fiancee's relatives while I am sewing.

It was one of the most random instances of my life, when my sewing skills came in handy and I was able to help. And I love that someone captured it on camera.

Two, I have gotten addicted to the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress where brides come to Kleinfeld's bridal salon and look a wedding dresses. I love it. I liked picking out my own wedding dress and find it fun to watch others figure out what they like. It's fun when they get all emotional and cry choosing their gowns. But the interesting point about the one I watched today, was that one of the customers on this rerun was Kate Gosselin, who was picking out the dress for her vow renewal. I found it sad to watch, as she was so excited to find a dress and was thinking about what Jon would like her in and what made her feel pretty. The whole situation with Jon and Kate is so sad and slightly disturbing. There is so much trash out there about them, and I just feel bad that their kids will be able to dig it up someday. Everything lives out there on the internet.

Remember that wisdom, folks. Everything lives forever on the internet. It takes a court order when you die to have someone shut your blog or Facebook account down, I read recently. They are looking into changing that, but it will live on long past you. And that may not be a good thing.

Okay, that was a sidebar, but those are my thoughts on wedding dresses. Did you love yours? I liked mine a lot. I think I looked really good in it and felt pretty that day. It's what I could hope for on my day. Tell me about yours.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved you know you were there to take pics at my fitting. Can't wait to get together.
Love you,

Melissa Stover said...

i felt beautiful and was so happy on my wedding day. but looking back at that huge hair and those puffy sleeves makes me feel like a clown.

Hunnybee said...

My mom found mine on a sale rack. I swore I wouldn't let my mom pick my dress, but low and behold...she found the perfect one. Don't you think we should all post a wedding picture of ourselves on our respective blogs. We should pick a day and do it. Incidently, I went to a party once where we all brought our wedding albums and awards were given for various things. I won the award for most-changed since her wedding. I went from blonde, tan and skinny to brunette, pale and not-quite-so-skinny!
Sissy, I want to see your wedding picture! Post it please!

Alison said...

I wish I could sew, so that I could be helpful in emergent situations, such as the one you encountered. Way to go Lady MacGuiver.

As you know, I didn't wear a wedding gown, so I haven't a real opinion on the subject. However, I'm glad that you found the perfect dress for your wedding day. It's all about the bride, after all.

2China4Ayla said...

The two things I would change about my wedding are my wedding dress and I would have had a photographer. We had a fast planned wedding, with just immediate family. I wore an ivory colored suit that I found on clearance for under $30. We just have pictures random people took but the wedding itself was perfect and everything I wanted. I didn't want a bunch of people there. The next day I would be moving from my family and I wanted our special day to be intiment with our family and it was just that...but the dress - not a dream dress, that is for sure. I look forward to helping my baby girls all find their dream dresses someday!