Saturday, March 7, 2009

I think I forgot to share this...

A couple of months ago some good friends of mine at church had a baby (congrats, Tom and Kenda) that they named Macy Rosetta . I had been to their house before and had done a faux finish in their kitchen and dining room. Now Kenda wanted me to come and paint something for their new daughter. I didn't have the time I would need to go and actually paint on the wall, so I asked her if it would be ok to do her name on canvases that we could hang on the wall. Kenda thought that was fine, so I was able to work on it at home.

I painted the canvases a pale green (and I just took the spare wall paint from when they painted the room) and then when I put a second coat on it, I brushed in some darker green to add a little more depth. (and these photos aren't so hot...taken at night with dining room washed out.)
Then I copied some letters that I took right out of Microsoft Word and drew them on the canvas. Then I erased them. I will share my secret with you: lightly ERASE the pencil marks you make if the paint you are going to be using is a light color. This will save you hours of frustration when the pencil bleeds through the letters.

I painted the pink letters once. Then I painted them again and blended in a darker color to accent the letters and I let them dry. Afterwards I drew on the letters with a glue pen and used some scrapbooking glitter (not your old art class chunky glitter) and made the letters sparkle.

Now, because Macy's middle name is Rosetta, Kenda was interested in having roses painted on the canvas. Um, I cannot paint roses. I can paint you a daisy with the best of them, but roses are really complicated flowers. Many layers and curvy petals which are seriously HARD to paint, so I thought and thought. In the end, I thought it would be neat to incorporate silk roses. I found some really neat looking antique ones at Michael's, used a nail to poke holes in the canvas and shoved them in with some hot glue. They added so much to the letters, which don't show up that well in this last photo. Ouch.
I still need to get out to their house to hang them up (soon, Kenda) over Macy's crib. I think it will be adorable and accent the room in such a cute way. They aren't super babyish, so Macy could keep them for a long time if she wanted.
This wasn't a majorly expensive project. I would say it cost around $50 to complete and most of that cost was the canvas. I could have saved quite a bit by using canvas board, which is flat and doesn't have wood on the back, but I wanted the depth. I like it.


Rona's Home Page said...

Very cute.

Alison said...

Those are just beautiful. You did a great job.

I love the name Macy.
That's the name of my favorite step aerobics instructor in Georgia.