Wednesday, February 3, 2010

happy valentine's to me

So, the cookware around the ol' homestead is looking might rough. Charlie and I started talking about it a couple of months ago, before Christmas, but other things took precedence. Don't get me wrong, my old cookware was bought as a wedding present and was nice. But it was painted on the outside, and my dishwasher doesn't like that. And one of my pans got scratched on the inside by a doggie who was trying to help me get it clean. I know, some of you might think that's gross.

But, behold:

My new cookware. Calphalon Hard-Anodized cookware set.

Now, it isn't the fancy, fancy calphalon stuff. I can't afford that, and I don't like stainless steel cookware, cause I'm just not that talented. I like me some teflon! I know that even though I aspire to culinary greatness, I just can't get into cooking on stainless steel. Just not for me, but if you're cooking on it, I give you many compliments.

This particular cookware set came with a free bonus gift of another pan as well, shaped a little like a flatter wok with a lid. And I love glass lids!! Yes. Smart cookware designers gave me glass lids and one that fits on the large saute pan. Awesome.

Can you tell I'm gushing? I love my present! Or, I will when it arrives tomorrow.

I looked around a little at and found this set. I sent it to Charlie because I wanted him to see the style I was looking for since we were going to go look around here in town. I thought we might be able to get a few pieces at our local TJ Maxx, since they normally carry such great stuff. I didn't think I'd be able to get a whole set, or at least, not all at once. So I sent it to his email and then last night he tells me he went ahead and ordered it!!!!!!!!!

I started jumping around. He was so casual about it, and I was so thrilled. Completely and totally thrilled and surprised that he would go ahead and get it. YAY!

So, Valentine's Day will consist of something home cooked, in my new pans! I'd invite you, but it's not really romantic to have a whole group. So, sorry.

New pans, new pans, new pans, new pans, new pans. Ahhh, the long hours until they arrive tomorrow. New pans, new pans, new pans.

New pans. Sigh. I'm in love. With them, and my husband.


Foster Family said...

That is awesome! Good Job Charlie--enjoy your new pans, I would be excited too.

Rebekah said...

Lucky you! I need a new set of pans.... maybe for my birthday (how domestic is that- lol)

Learn more said...

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