Thursday, October 9, 2008

the royal musicians

As Queen of the Indoors, I am sure you've guessed that I like to be inside. And I do. I like to look at nature, but from the safety of my window. I love trees and grass, but our yard isn't even close to being lovely enough to go outside and enjoy. And because of this, and because I like to read, I like music as well.

But I am spoiled. Well, what Queen isn't spoiled?

Spoiled by XM radio.

Oh, what delights the royal musicians, XM radio, have brought me. No more commercials. Music divided by genres. All sorts of genres. Two hundred and twenty-seven something genres. We have XM through our DirecTv satellite dish and I have a receiver in my car.

And I love the features it has. If I am in the house, I can scroll through the channels to see what I want. And each time a new song comes up, you can see the title and artist. So helpful if you happen to like a song and would love to buy it for your iPod but the stupid DJ never tells you who sang it or what it's called. And in the house, I can even rewind if I want to, because we have a DVR. Lovely.

In the car, my unit is nice as well. Simple, but nice. It has 8 presets that I can switch between, but it also shows me the title and artist. This is the feature that spoils me. When I am driving with other people now, I keep looking for the information. And some newer cars have that kind of thing, but older cars don't. I want to know who sang that song. Sometimes it's not important, but other times it can drive you crazy not to know. Especially if you've heard the song several hundred times but can't identify who the singer is. So frustrating.

And, if I want to be outside, which I rarely do, I have a nifty little set of speakers that my car XM unit pops into and it becomes a boom box. Love it.

So, you see. Along with my title and my crown, the royal musicians have spoiled me for good. I can never go back to life before XM. Sigh.

Isn't life good?


Rebekah said...

Im gealous.

Kat said...

We have Sirius with our dish - and I love it. It's the only reason I know the name and artist of some songs. I wish I had it in the car...because I am constantly wondering who did what.

Hunny Bee said...

I have XM too and I love it. My in-laws got it for me a few years ago for my birthday and they renew every year. I used to have a long commute and it was so great to finally have choices!! I still listen to it all the time. We don't have it inside but we do have lots of music channels. I personally love the bluegrass station. Bluegrass in the fall....perfection!

Heather said...

You've convinced me to ask for it for Christmas.

Frizzy and Bird said...

Too funny! We don't have XM but our car stereo and tv both show the artist is. My husband's car stereo doesn't and IT DRIVES ME BONKERS TOO! I am a music sponge. I gotta know who sang the song right now when I hear one that touches my heart and soul.

Bug said...

I wish that I had a radio that did that! My hubby's car radio does that and I love it. I am HORRIBLE at remembering the names of songs and artists. :)