Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little sparkle

I love decorating for the holidays. I love it. I like taking my normally sedate and dare I say, elegant house, and turning it into a home that sparkles. I like glitter and I have to restrain myself from covering my house in it, but I indulge myself when buying ornaments for my tree. I worked at Michael's during one holiday season and I bought so many half price ornaments that I deemed special and unique.

I found this set of Bethlehem ornaments and loved them. They aren't scream-in-your-face religious ornaments, but subtle and lovely. They are usually one of the first ornaments I hang and I like to find them the right place on the tree. Yes, I take decorating my tree very seriously and I tend to rearrange the ornaments until I find the right balance of sparkle and color. I took this picture laying under my tree.

Then I had to figure out how to make a centerpiece for my dining table, and my dining table is huge. Last year I took my spare tree branches and made an arrangement, and I did this year too, but I decided to put that arrangement in my foyer. So I wondered what to use instead. I looked around and decided to take the Nester's advice and "shop my house." I looked around and collected all the glass and metal candlesticks, candleholders, and thingies I had. I found red, white and cream candles. I found a green velvet table runner, some cranberry garland and some leafy garland, and Voila, a centerpiece.

I was pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out. I lit all the candles and then took a step back admired the warmth and coziness that I created with things I found collecting dust in my house.

Have you started your holiday decorating yet? What is your favorite part?


Nichole said...

Oohhh, your centerpiece is beautiful!! I did all of my Christmas decorating Wednesday night. I'm not sure that I have a favorite part, I love it all! I just wish I had a bigger place to decorate!!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

beautiful! my table never looks like that.

Alison said...

Your centerpiece is so pretty! I find myself shopping my house quite often. It's nice to find a purpose for things that I buy because they're on super clearance or just on a whim.
I started decorating on Friday, but got sidelined by some winter sickiness.
I hope to get my tree up within the next few days.
I'm quite particular about my ornaments, as well and find myself rearranging them all throughout the holiday season to make sure everything is properly balanced...especially if anyone "helps" me and isn't as particular about the spacing of ornaments. But that's because I'm a neurotic control freak. ;)

I'm sure your glittery tree is just gorgeous.

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

You have some lovely pieces and I must say you do such a beautiful job putting everything together. Great job! Now, can you come help me organize my stuff and then shop from my home to make a beautiful display like yours?

Tamera said...

All looks very pretty!!!
I enjoy decorating too - maybe a bit too much . . . I have bought a tree (on sale after Christmas - except the "big" tree which we had to buy during the pricey part of the year since we couldn't find a fresh tree anywhere - we waited too long!!) each year Jeff and I have been married - so, that makes 22 (yes 22) Christmas trees in our house. They range in all sizes (the largest 7.5' to 4") and all different states of "dress". One is even bare - it's spindly and unique. Two have my grandmother's glass ornaments on them.
I love getting them out and decorating - putting them away . . . well, that's another story =]
Tamera in Missouri

Scrapper Mom said...

Very pretty centerpiece.

Lula! said...

FABULOUSNESS!!!!!! I love it all. This is beautiful, Sissy.

And, I am about 70% finished with my decorating this year. I've felt rather "blah" the past few days...just can't find the Christmas spirit, so I'm literally praying for THE Spirit to intervene and remind me what it's all about. Yep.