Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm a follower

I guess the old saying mentions something about the road less traveled right...and how that's somehow a good thing. Making your own path, carving your own mountain, wandering down a road that isn't paved with so many other people's mistakes. Or maybe it's something about seeing what others have missed when you have time to reflect, you can see the beauty.

I like the paved road. I do. I like it when other people have been there before and can give me advice. I like to hear about their experiences and any tips they might have to make my life easier.

But in this blogger world, being a follower is a good thing. It shows what you like to read and who you're loyal to in cyberspace. And I'm slow on this blog thing sometimes and I don't pay attention to my dashboard very often. So today when I had to log my husband off, and log on myself, I saw that I have ten followers. Ten whole people who come and read my blog. And some of them I haven't met before, but went off to read. So hi, followers. Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. I hope you feel comfy here and will continue to come back and share the love.

So, to all ten of you who might be considered on the road less traveled, since I don't have 400 followers, this post is for you. Now that I know about you, I am coming to meet you, to see what you're all about. I think you'll be my kind of gal. I think we'll be friends, I hope so.

And I might have to be a follower myself. Who knows what things I might try now that I am a follower...are drugs and violence next? Just kidding.

Who knows where I might pop up next?


Kat said...

I follow ya! I always like to read what you have to say. You are so inspirational. And a lot of times, I need a dose of that in my day.

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I've been stalking you for some time my dear. I love reading about you and your life. I can't wait to see how the next chapter of your life continues. YEAH!

lov said...

found you on batw
and i just wanted to say hey
i love your blog header
and this post made me smile a big smile!


Scrapper Mom said...

I am a faithful reader...Shame on me for not putting my little red head out there before now. lol.

Nichole said...

I follow you through Google Reader, which by the way, you have 40 subscribers through. :o)

Alison said...

I'm blogless, but you know I'm a follower. I adore your blog (and you too!), even if I don't always post comments.

emily said...

I'm a follower! Lead us, o wise one :)