Saturday, December 13, 2008

pink, pink, pink

A few weeks ago two friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Crystal. It was a great afternoon filled with love, little rubber duckies, and wonderful food.

Crystal is having a rough pregnancy though, and has been put in the hospital because she is on her way to being pre-eclampsic. She doesn't have high blood pressure, but her doctor is concerned.

She is due in January, but Baby Girl might come a little sooner. She might be a Christmas present!

I love hosting baby showers. It's such a positive experience filled with all things cute and cuddly. Women ooooh and ahhhh and swoon over little teeny tiny clothes and there is always cake. Or, in this case, cupcakes. It was a great afternoon with friends.

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emily said...

what fun! You look beautiful as does Crystal. I love your table spread. Can't wait til it's your turn, girlie.