Saturday, August 8, 2009

let me introduce you...

To Mr. Minstrels, my very favorite chocolate candy. Let me tell you all about him.

Smooth, creamy, with a crispy coating. Somewhat like an M&M, but so nooooot like an M&M. Minstrels are a little larger, and I got addicted to them when I lived with my British roommate, because her mom would send them from England.

You can't get them here. It's a tragedy that this chocolate does not exist on our side of the pond. You can't buy them here, and it makes me sad. So sad, because chocolate is important, and even though I love America and wave the red, white and blue, American chocolate is not as good as European chocolate. I'm sorry. In this I am not patriotic. Once you've been exposed to imported, European chocolate you won't go back.

Well, as luck would have it, one of the families at my school was traveling home to England to visit and we were talking about things they were going to bring back that weren't available here. I mentioned Minstrels and my love, my addiction.

They brought me some. All the way from England.


I keep them in the fridge and eat only one or two at a time to make them last. I savor them. I want them to last as long as possible. And when they are gone, I will mourn them and wish I had eaten them slower.


Great chocolate is worth a post all it's own. Don't you agree?


Alison said...

I absolute agree; chocolate is definitely worthy of it's own post. I adore all chocolate, foreign and domestic.

Those Mr. Minstrels look tasty. Can you order them online? Or would the shipping costs be outrageous?

Hunnybee said...


Jamie said...

Have you ever checked out World Market? They've got all kinds of fun imported goodies. I can't recall ever seeing them there, but I wasn't looking either.