Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mirror makeover

The frame that I have hanging on the wall in the previous post came from this mirror. I would normally not mutilate a mirror just to get a frame, but it just so happens that the mirror was cracked. It just so happens that you can't tell that in the picture below. True story.

The mirror was a castoff from an office at school, so it was completely free. It originally belonged to Debbie, but Tina cracked it, and so it was given to Tina. She could not get the mirror to pop out of the frame, so she put it in the trash pile. I grabbed it and took it home, knowing I could work on it. The frame was originally from Walmart, and I kept laughing because it was so well made. Hardly anything I buy from Walmart is well made, but this mirror was determined.

See, I waved at ya!

Turns out the mirror had this sealant around the edge that we had to use a razor blade to separate the mirror. Charlie and I did it over the trash can outside, because we weren't sure when the mirror would fall out.

I had the frame for several weeks before deciding what to do with it, and when I got the bug to hang things on the wall, I knew it would look really good with the white plate in the middle. The little building underneath is actually the main building from my college, and it is a really neat historic building. I bought this when I graduated, but never really had a great place to display it.

One person's trash is another person's treasure, huh? Thanks Debbie and Tina!

I love my new wall decor!


Frizzy said...

I love it too. Loved the comment about Walmart quality. To funny and true for me too.

the Provident Woman said...

I love it! How cool

Alison said...

I agree about Wal Mart stuff, but the frame looks fab. It's so much fun to repurpose things....especially FREE things!

PS--I replied to your taco comment, so check back for the scoop!