Thursday, January 1, 2009

mostly martha

Today Martha Stewart is talking blogs, and it's a rerun. One that evidently aired back during the election and I missed cause I work while Martha is on. All the people in the audience are holding their laptops and she is talking to famous bloggers: Perez Hilton, Smitten Kitchen, MattBites, Eddie Ross, etc.

I wonder why I wasn't invited?

These people have millions of readers, and are making a living off their blogs. Perez Hilton is talking about how he spends sometimes 15 hours a day blogging. He doesn't leave his house during the week in case he misses something. He only parties on the weekends now.


I give total props to people who can make money from their blogs. And it's even more impressive if you can take that blog and quit your job. Nice.

I was reading A Year With My Crockpot today, because I wanted to see how her year ended up. Stephanie made something with her crockpot everyday this year. EVERY. DAY. EVERYDAY. She has maybe 5 crockpots and has made everything from soups to desserts to crayons in her crockpot. And then she emailed the Rachael Ray show and got on the show to talk about crockpots. Totally neat. (I know, "neat" is like a word from the 50s or something.)

I can pretty much say that I probably won't ever have millions of followers, or even thousands of followers. I have no niche, like they advise. I don't blog about something really specific. I'm not all food, or all gardening, or all photos, or all decorating. (They totally should have called the Nester for this Martha episode!) I write about what's going on in my life, and sometimes it's not that interesting.

Like last night for New Year's Eve we had some friends over, ate waffles, and watched the Matrix. This morning I put in a egg casserole that I prepped yesterday, and I am drooling while waiting for it to finish. Later we are rearranging some furniture and working on adoption forms before I make spaghetti and the husband stops to watch a football game.

My life is totally worthy of some sponsors, don't you think?


stefanie said...

I wanted to read that book too, and probably for the same reasons you did.

I have no niche either. But I do have a life! The thought of spending 15 hours a day at my job (or hobby) because I might miss something is enough to make me get a new job (or hobby).

Nichole said...

I saw that Crock Pot lady on Rachel Ray! I watched Martha the other day and was embarassed for her the way she fumbled around trying to decorate a cookie with the guest. I'm kind of over her, but love her people and their ideas!!

I have no niche either, and my blog has been rather boring lately. Guess I'll have to keep my day job ;o)

Happy New Year!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

yup - no niche. Is making people laugh about our curious escapades a 'niche,' you think?

I'd love to go to Blissdom and meet other bloggers - there are so few around here...

God Bless your 2009, Sissy!

emily said...

I think about this a lot for my blog actually. It worried me for a while that I had no niche. But I'm starting to rethink that.

I think writing is your niche.

Jennifer P. said...

I say yes!!! What I loved this year is that I started out with Steph (the crockpot lady) and Nester from the beginning and watched them grow. I've seen a bloggy friend start a blog design business that is so busy she doesn't know what to do with herself---I'd say these are for sure some up and coming blog stars. But the best part is....there's room for ALL OF US out here :)! Random ones (such as you and I!) included. It's just a NEAT place blogland is!

now shame on you for watching Martha Stewart and eating egg casseroles without me ;).

malinda said...

Sissy, I must admit I thought I lost your blog site and didnt have the heart to tell you. I looked in my old emails and found it. Im so glad I did. Reading your blogs is like still being part of your life and seeing you grow into such a wonderful and faithful woman. I am so happy to hear that you and Charlie are taking the next step of faith and adopting. You will make wonderful parents. The two of you have so much love to give and to receive from a child. I love you! Malinda