Sunday, January 25, 2009

our newest addition

A couple of weeks ago Charlie asked me if I was ready to buy a crib. I wasn't sure what I thought about it. I didn't want to get one to early and then stare at it for a year while we wait for a baby, but Charlie made a suggestion that we should have the nursery ready when the social worker comes for our homestudy. I could agree with that. Charlie gave me a budget and I got online. Of course, the one I wanted was from Pottery Barn Kids. It was $599. That wasn't the budget Charlie and I talked about though, so I had to look around a little.
Here is the "dana" crib from PB kids. Isn't it lovely?
I found a Legacy crib on Craig's list that looked a lot like the one from PB and it was waaaaayyy less. So much less. We bought it, and Charlie brought it home. Sadly, the antique white color of the crib did not match the antique white color of the dresser we planned to use in the room.
So, I took a knob from the dresser and went to my paint store. I made sure to tell them that it was for a crib so I could get the safest kind of paint, and matched it up.

It's hard to tell, but the piece on the right is the end of the crib and it is yellower than the dresser. You can tell, can't you? You all have that discerning eye, I know it.

So I sanded and painted and spent inauguration day painting the side rails. Those were quite tedious. Very tedious.

Here is the final result. I think it turned out pretty good, didn't it? AND, so similar to the one from PB for so much less.

And, my house has a crib. MY HOUSE HAS A CRIB. It is quite the step forward for us. And very "out on a limb." Hopefully within this year, this crib will have an occupant that will cuddle up in it and love how much work mommy put into it.

Me...a mommy! Wow. That's a heady thought.


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

LOVE the crib! This was a step we had to do prior to our Interntl. adoption. They wanted to see pictures of the baby's room. We put up the crib and made it very basic since we didn't know if we would be bringing home a boy or girl. We bought a stuffed animal elephant, dog, bear and monkey and decided to go with a Jungle theme. The other colors in the room matched the color scheme throughout our home of burgandy, sage green and golden tan. I then shut the door and wouldn't allow myself in the room. Too hard seeing it empty. You did a wonderful job on the crib! Can't wait to see the whole room finished baby and all.

emily said...

WOOHOO! You have a crib! I love it. It's so much like the twins crib. I wish I would have known. I have ours sitting in our garage useless.

Anonymous said...

YIPPIE!!! You have a crib. I am so excited. Great job refinishing it. We need to get together and catch up.
Love ya,

Caroline said...

How exciting that the process is underway! I love the crib, and no, the whites are not that different. I don't think the baby will mind...he or she will just be so happy to have two loving parents and a comfy place to sleep!

Alison said...

For what it's worth, I could tell the difference between the two whites and it would have bothered me too.
You did a beautiful job on the crib and it looks so pretty next to the blueish wall color.
I'm so happy that you took this step.
As always, I'm sending lots of good wishes and prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I pray that crib will soon be filled!
A bit of advice, when painting furniture with lots of slats and spaces, spray paint is soooo much easier than a brush. Somebody gave me that advice once and boy, were they right!

Rebekah said...

Its a beautiful crip. Praying there is a beautiful baby to fill it soon

Heather said...

AHHHHHHH!!! This is SO exciting! It's beautiful. So beautiful for so many reasons.

Amy said...

How EXCITING!!! I think you did a beautiful job painting the crib! I would have painted it too since the color difference would have bothered me as well. I pray you will be a mommy soon!

Foster Family said...

Wow..that is a big step. The crib is perfect and you did a great job painting it! Can't wait to celebrate the baby that is going to be sleeping in that crib of love.

Godwin said...

Your crib looks great!! Hopefully soon you will have a sweet baby there!!