Saturday, May 9, 2009

thinking pink

I can't help thinking that most of my blogging outlets lately have been baby related. And it really is a big topic around here...the baby. Most of the time we think about her with the capital B. The Baby. She is an important part of our horizon, like the sun that will rise soon.

I haven't ever been pregnant, so I don't know what these last few days of pregnancy are like. I have had pregnant friends and I know it gets uncomfortable at the end. For me, this ending is a stomach twisting time of anticipation. If you are pregnant, you know that you get to meet the baby the minute you give birth. In our situtation, we wait seven whole DAYS after the birthmom signs her papers to meet the baby. So this means the baby will be eight or nine days old when we meet her and bring her home.
"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..." I think I will be very strong by the time this whole thing is over. I'll be able to lift a car with all these mental muscles that I'm working out.
I'm sure many of you out there are tired of hearing about this, the baby. And I can't promise that once she's home I won't be babbling about how cute she is or what cute little baby things she is doing, or what sappy little sounds she makes. If this bothers you, I'm sorry. But it's my life and I'm still sharing it.


Frizzy said...

Are you kidding me? I want to scream about it with you from my own excitement. Talk, shout, cry about it til she's in your arms and home where she's meant to be.

Rachel said...

When you're pregnant all that you can talk about is the coming baby and how uncomfortable you are. So, all you can talk about is your sweet baby coming and how hard it is to wait. I think you're doing just fine. Just remember to breath. Helps with labor and intense waiting. Can't wait to see her beautiful face with her forever mama.

Alison said...

Share away. Please! I happen to adore pink.
This is a major big deal in your life....and it's YOUR blog. You can write about it all you want. Besides, all mom and mom-to-be bloggers blog about their kids. It's only natural; besides, they provide the best blog fodder.

I think we're all as happy, anxious and excited as you are.
So, keep it coming.
Once that baby is in our arms, you'll drop the anticipation blog posts and being the "now what do I do!?!" posts.
And we'll all be here to cheer you on and sympathize with you and offer encouragement when you are a walking zombie with spit up in your hair.
I know I make this all seem so glamourous, but looking back on Caroline's babyhood, those were truly the best times. I mean that seriously.

I can't say this enough...
Enjoy this weekend. Enjoy some child free time. Enjoy your husband.
Pretty soon your focus will be shifting. And oh how sweet it will be!

Anonymous said...

Just like any new mom you are going to want to share every new thing that your baby does...and just like every old mom, we are going to relive those moments through you. Please share everything!

Karrie said...

Happy Mother's Day Sissy!!!
Love it.

Karrie in IN

hunnybeemay said...

I'm not tired of hearing about it at all! It's so exciting. And you better share every single tiny little act of adorableness she throws your way, OR ELSE!!!! I'll be so bummed if you don't. You go right ahead and blog about her all you want. After all, that's what we mommies are best at, you know. :)

Mommy said...

We are witnessing the miracle of motherhood at it's finest. You can share whatever you want to share. If every single post is about the baby--well, that's what I want to hear about anyway. :-) It's your bloggy and you can talk baby if you want to...sing it with me... :-) Hang in there friend. Your day is coming soon!