Friday, May 1, 2009

thank you, keep them coming

Thank you to all of you who posted Bible verses and promised to keep me in your prayers. I was thinking this morning that God is using this time to teach me to lean on Him even more for support. I can only run from the stress for so long, eventually I must do something to relieve the stress. Giving it to God sounds like such a great idea.

I have to trust Him to build my family.

I have to trust Him that this baby is part of my family. If it isn't this baby, there will be another baby.

I have to learn that He is in control. I am not.

I am learning patience in this. I just want her to get here, but maybe I need to enjoy these moments of alone time with my husband before she gets here. And we don't need a babysitter. And can just run out whenever we want to.

I am trusting Him that the money will come together. If you ever thought about making a donation to our adoption (a tax free one, at that) the time to do it is now. Click here and read the sidebar for directions and the mailing address.

I am trusting that you won't be turned off by the fact that I just mentioned that you could send in money. Money is tight everywhere, I know. We just weren't planning for her this fast.

I am learning that I can keep myself busy by cleaning, a task I normally dislike.

There are so many lessons in this whole situation. This season has been one of much discovery and I know I will only learn more things as the next week unfolds.

Keep praying.

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hunnybeemay said...

I'm praying. Everything you said sounds right on. In certain ways, the prepartations and thoughts you are having aren't much different than what a pregnant mother goes through before her baby arrives. Planning, hoping, praying, trusting. All moms-to-be have that in common. All you can do is go through it, day by day and take it to your friends and family and the Lord. Hang in there girl! You're gonna be okay!