Thursday, June 11, 2009

a blank canvas

I know I have been posting a lot about Phil and Bethany's wedding, but it really was a big event for us. After the adoption fell through, working on this project was a way for me to cope. This is the great room at our church, and it is used for many, many different functions. On Wednesdays it is used for Youth, thus the sound system and fancy lights in the ceiling. The corner painted black is a section of arcade games, and that lovely gray partition hides it from view the rest of the week. It is pretty much a blank canvas.

Now, after several hours of work, the room looked like this. I was pretty proud of the way it turned out and it looked even better when we turned off the ugly overhead lights and used halogen lamps all over the room and candles on each table. The room had a nice glow and was very intimate. The bride loved it.

One of the most unique things that the newlyweds did at the reception was rent a photobooth. It was a cloth room with a camera, and it printed out two sets of the pictures. One the guest got to keep and one was pasted into an album for the bride and groom and the guest could write a message. Everyone enjoyed it and many people took multiple turns, even after the bride and groom left, people were still lined up to get in there!

Friday is the last day of school and then I will be free for the summer. I am so completely and totally ready for this break. I need the renewal and the rest. I am ready.


Caroline said...

Wow, you did an number on that room! You should be extremely proud of yourself (and hubs of course - didn't he help too?). But you get all of the credit. Come down and visit this summer since you'll be more free!

Heather said...

I LOVE the after!! We had our reception in our church's fellowship hall and it was so much fun. And I'm glad you're about to get a break. It'll be good to take some time to relax