Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Queen of the Indoors speaks again

I have called myself the Queen of the Indoors before, and it's not because I am so awesome decorator or design houses or anything like that. It's because my nature is more inside oriented, and I think it is because I just don't like to sweat (that really is a whole other post.) I love plants, but I don't really like to garden. I love manicured lawns and great landscaping, but I don't want to DO it. I want to want to do it, but it just isn't me.

And, our overgrown, looks like Vietnam in the backyard with all the bamboo growing, looks like a forest in the front with all the random trees, and has grass in some places and in others it is worn through to dirt from running dogs. We have years of work in front of us, but that really isn't the theme of this post.

This post is about what I like in my yard, and I like this.

And this.

The ivy picture I took on a day when we were washing our cars and the plants got wet. The water droplets just looked so inviting, that I ran inside and got my camera. The purple hosta flowers are sprouting up around our patio, in what I would have to say is one of the strangest places the previous owners could have planted plants. Right in a walkway. It's odd, but the flowers caught my eye and the camera came out again.
Isn't it great when we can find beauty in the middle of all the chaos? Our yard needs so much attention, and it really isn't my thing, but I can totally appreciate the small pockets of loveliness in my 1/4 acre of grass.
And, come on, this also makes me love my new camera even more.


Anonymous said...

I can relate..whenever I try to grow anything, even grass, I kill it. But the inside of my house is beautiful.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

isn't that camera fun!