Sunday, January 24, 2010

can I focus on George Clooney?

Between the headaches of last week and the cold I seemed to have developed this week, it's been a busy couple of days. I wish I could go back to Christmas vacation and just sleep for a couple of days and rest. Plus, the more I delve into what's out there on the internet related to adoption, I learn more, but it also creates a little more anxiety and anxiousness. It's a lot to think about and wish and pray for.

Anyone have $25,000 to loan me?

I kid. Well, sorta. I think that waiting on adoption creates a little bit of tunnel vision. I get so focused on wishing and praying that I forget to live my own life. I have a job and should be searching for a new job and oh, yeah, a husband to love on. There are greater problems out there. Hello? An earthquake in Haiti for one. Why should I be living in this box when I have a lot to focus on?

I watched part of the Hope for Haiti Now telethon the other night and it was really cool. It was on so many channels, so I bet you saw it too. George Clooney, while certainly hot and a notorious monogamist, does seem to have a good heart for charity. And the clout to get other celebrities involved. And I really enjoyed the musical numbers and it wasn't an annoying telethon, but a simply done night (without commercials, mind you) where people could donate towards a whole bunch of charities.

And he even loves puppies. That proves he's a good guy, right? Then, last night he was on the Screen Actor's Guild Awards, looking yummy but tired in his tuxedo. He made some jokes and handed out an award, and just seems like a normal guy. I know, with millions and millions of dollars.

Hopped up on Nyquil last night and after two nights of George, I dreamed of him. I was helping him set up his apartment for a party and we moved out all his furniture and then I told him he needed to replace his nasty, stained carpet. Fun, huh? I always have vivid dreams when I take cold medicine.

I guess I can focus on George. That'll take my mind off a baby.

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Maria in Lewis Land said...

I think focusing on George should be mandatory!