Saturday, January 9, 2010

on the couch

The cold air has brought with it the spirit of hibernation. Although I have had to go outside this week, because work calls, today is one of those days where I just want to stay in my pajamas. I know eventually I will shower and brush my teeth and get myself moving, but the need to rest is taking over right now.

There has been much weighing on my mind recently, with a job change looming in the future, and the adoption coming who knows when. It's interesting to think about switching jobs. I like the one I have and do well at it, and it runs on the school system calendar, which means summers off, but thinking about changing is a little exciting. The school system has been good to me, but it's interesting to explore the options out there.

One thing that has piqued my interest is the medical field. I think that working in a doctor's office as a front desk receptionist or medical records clerk would be very intriguing. I applied with a couple of places, but applying over the internet doesn't really convey my interest very well. All I could do was send in my resume and hope for the best, I guess. We'll see what happens. I do have computer skills and I grew up around a medical practice (my dad was a chiropractor) so I think I would do well.

If anyone around Greensboro has a lead on anything like that, let me know.

Right now I will get back to my lounging. There might be a nap in my future. Hmmm, yes I can predict a nap.


Alison said...

A nap sounds like a great idea. I hibernated last weekend and intend to for the remainder of today and tomorrow. The wind is bitter and I'm really not a fan of that.
Went to the gym this morning and grocery shopping. Craig is spending the night at his friend's in Maryland and, as usual, I don't have any plans.

Stay warm and cozy!

Anonymous said...

great pic of Phoebe. I am in the same mode today. Resting and afternoon naps are wonderful.