Monday, January 18, 2010

dad was a chiropractor

Today we have a lovely Monday off and I am using the opportunity to go to the chiropractor. My dad was a chiropractor and when he died I had a hard time going to someone else. It was just strange having someone else adjusting me, but neck adjustments are the best, best, best thing for my migraines.

And I have had some kickin' painful migraines in the past couple of weeks. One was so bad that I had to call out from work, and I hate doing that. They seem to start in the middle of the night and I wake up with this pounding on one side of my head, and the medication isn't kind to my body. I don't take anything prescription, cause I have found that Extra Strength Excedrin helps the most, but the caffeine in it makes my bladder a little jumpy. And I don't really need that either.

I had a chiropractor in my old town that I loved, but since we moved it's a half an hour or more drive to get there. Getting there after school was a challenge and so I found myself putting off making appointments even though my back would hurt or I would have a headache. Today I looked around a little on the web and found an office not too far from my home and school with a chiropractor that went to the same college as my dad. I have an appointment today and am very excited to have my back and neck in line.

Hopefully today's appointment will go well and I will be able to rest this afternoon/evening. Having to take such care with my neck the last couple of days hasn't been the way I like to live. Yesterday I smelled like Icy/Hot all day because I was wearing a pain patch all day, and the generic kind wasn't very sticky. I kept having to restick it, and it was annoying. Finally I just wrapped a scarf around my neck to help it stay.

I have to admit that it's still sad to go to a chiropractor other than my dad. The first time I went to one, I cried. He was really nice about the whole thing, and talked me through it, but it was hard. With my other chiropractor, he was very kind and soft spoken, and I hate to leave him, but I just need to be seeing one closer to my home. I will have to send him a thank-you or something.

My dad's birthday was on this past Saturday and I attended a baby shower. Weird day. My dad was born in 1938, so he would have been 72, right? He died when he was 59, way too short of a life, right? And my dad was totally awesome. He was the best. He wasn't perfect, but he was a great dad. I miss him.

Okay, enough sadness.! On to my appointment.


Alison said...

Your dad was so much fun! I think I've mentioned this before, but I still dry my legs in an upward motion because I remember him telling us that it would help prevent varicose (or spider?) vein. You had a really special relationship with your dad and I know it's still hard for you.
I hope your trip to the chiropractor was helpful; I can't even begin to imagine how painful a migraine is. I hope you start to feel some relief.

Jenni said...

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