Saturday, May 31, 2008

all I want

I have fallen in love with the Crockpot Lady and am so impressed with her. She makes something in her crockpot everyday...from soups to roasts to desserts to jam. Impressive. I like to cook, so I thought I would look around for some other food blogs. I thought I might be able to glean some new recipes without having to get a cookbook or another magazine subscription. I use Food Network and a couple other recipe search engines if I am looking for something specific, but I like to read blogs and Steph does a great job writing about her crockpot meals. She even gives a Verdict at the end and tells you whether her kids ate it, or if it needed more salt and such.

Here is the problem. I have spent about an hour looking at various sites, and I only found two to bookmark. The rest are all so COMMERCIALized and have adds everywhere. Now, I don't mind if you have an add or two, but a blog should look like a blog...not a website. Not with seven adds before you even see the post title. Not with an add above your header. And you should definetly post the recipe you are talking about...not just tease the poor readers with pictures and then leave them to figure it out.

So, if you read any good food blogs that I might enjoy, please comment and leave me the link. There were two that I found that I liked and I added one to my link list. Closet Cooking is a really good blog with a guy from Canada cookin' his heart out. He tries some thing that I might not be interested in, but the recipes are there, the blog is simple, and the recipes are catagorized on the sidebar so I can explore. Check him out along with the Crockpotting Steph. They are both in my link list.
And, if you have a good recipe to share, use the email link and send it to me.


Heather said...

Oh my stars, her blog is awesome! I heart my crockpot very, very much and use it at least twice a week. Have you tried the crock-pot liners by Reynolds? They make clean up SO much easier. I highly recommend them.

Alison said...

I love the crock pot lady! I read her blog daily and was happy to see it listed in the blogs you read. I use my crock pot often, but only for certain things. I've yet to find a boneless skinless chicken breast recipe that doesn't dry out...unless you only cook it for a few hours. And then, what's the whole point of the crock pot?
Anyway, I ready MANY food blogs, but they are mostly baking centered, since I just love to bake for the people at Craig's work.

You might like The Picky Palate

or Recipe Girl

My personal favorite is Cookie Madness

These focus rather heavily on baking recipes, but the blog authors have their favorite blogs listed so you can navigate through those if you'd like.


Hunny Bee May said...

Check out the pioneer woman.
She has a lot of neat features on her blog including her amazing photography. There's a cooking section and she takes tons of pictures of each step of a recipe. You might like it!

Simply Stork said...

ok so how many of us are having an almost daily meeting or should I say meating with our crockpot???...mine is a life saver!!!

great post :o)


Mrs. Romero said...

I'm going to go with hunny bee and say the pioneer woman has great photos, easy recipes and she is funny top boot!

I LOVE crockpots. Mine is on right now.

Sissy said...

I had actually forgotten about the Pioneer Woman (courtesy of my friend, Alison). I used to read her ages ago, but when I started my blog I forgot about her. I spent hours today reading her recipes and I am IN LOVE. With the food. Well, maybe a little with her too, cause I want that camera.

Anyone have recipes they are dying to share. Come on, send me an email, ladies.

Hunny Bee May said...

Here's one of my favorite crockpot recipes.
Grape Jelly Meatballs-perfect for appetizers. They always get all eaten up!

One bag frozen meatballs
Half jar grape jelly
One jar chili sauce (find with cocktail sauce at the store)
A few squirts of bbq sauce

I put the meatballs in frozen with all the other stuff, turn it on and let them go for a few hours.
Of course you can make your own meatballs, but to me that defeats the purpose of using the handy dandy crockpot.
These meatballs are gone in a flash whenever I serve them are super easy! I love 'em!!!

Caroline said...

Its not a blog, but has some great and easy recipes. They also give the nutritional information for each recipe. Somewhere on the website you can sign up for a free quarterly magazine called Food and Family that has more great recipes in it.

The Roost'er said...

Sissy -

I love baking and here's a fun spot. YUMMY! She was even featured on Martha...

No recipes. I'm in a food funk. LOTS of grilled hotdogs going on around this house.


Kat said...

I just found the crock pot blog last week...and I really really like that she gives a verdict. I haphazardly throw recipes out on my blog...but it's always fun to find new sites that cook the way that you do...

And I'll third Pioneer Woman cooks...