Friday, May 23, 2008

i see dead people

I know that saying is a little old school, but today I discovered Ghost Whisperer. With nothing to do on a Friday night after I painted a faux glaze on the kitchen island, I turned on the TV. I looked around a little on the guide and saw Ghost Whisperer. I knew it had Jennifer Love Hewitt in it, and then I discovered a few other people are in it that I recognize. One lady from the Practice, Ayisha Tyler from Friends, and David Conrad (from a little known show called Relativity.) Now, I found Jennifer Love to be a little whiny on Party of Five, but I did really like that show. And she has really grown up into a great actress on TV.

Ok, it's time to share a little talent I have. I have a knack for remembering actors and actresses on TV. I can see a person on a show and connect the dots to where I have seen them before. Kinda like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Sometimes this talent drives my husband crazy, and sometimes he finds it useful. My friends all think I'm a little freaky, but it's a memory thing. I like to watch the openings and credits of shows, and it makes me crazy when the opening doesn't show the person's face with their name. How can I link them together if I don't see them together?

We used to play this little game with my old roommate, where we would name a celebrity and she would try to tell us what movie or tv show they were in. While I am great at this, Kristen is not. She would crack us up trying to remember where she had seen George Clooney and she thought Cameron Diaz was a baseball player. She would entertain us many nights with this game.

Anyway, I was happy to see all these actors that I once liked in other things doing so well in Ghost Whisperer. JLH has grown up and Ayisha Tyler is way less annoying when she isn't trying to steal Ross from Rachel. And David Conrad? Well, let's just say I'll add him to the list of David's that are my boyfriends.


Rebekah said...

I drive my husband crazy because I can name just about any movie within the first few seconds of seeing a clip (whether Ive seen the movie or not) Some days he will flip channels real quick and ask me what movie he just flipped by- if I can't name the movie, I can name the actors and story line.

Heather said...

Whoa...back up the truck. A glaze on your island???? What's this? I need pictures of this project.

I watched Ghost Whisperer once and it was pretty good, actually. I think the particular episode made me cry. I'm pretty good with celebrities too, but only because I love Entertainment Tonight and those kinds of shows. I like keeping up on the gossip part of it.

Charlie Silver said...

I gotta tell ya...I have a subscription to People and Entertainment Weekly and that helps me know them too. But my People ran out and I have been in withdrawal until it kicks in again!

Will post pics about my island project soon. It isn't quite finished.

Caroline said...

I too like Ghost Whisperer. JLH always has some cute dresses on! I do have to say though, some of the episodes give me goose bumps and make me hide behind my pillow. Last night's was a re-run. We'll have to catch the new episodes in the fall. I appreciate David Conrad as well. He was in something I saw recently too, but it wasn't relativity, I can't remember what it was. Maybe you know.