Thursday, May 29, 2008

told you so...

Several of you asked for a pic of the island in the kitchen and here they are. I love cooking on it now and last night I was so happy to being facing my husband in the den instead of having my back to him while I was chopping my veggies. So much easier and it adds so much to the space.

Here is my husband with our dog Phoebe. It says in my "roots" section that I could knit a sweater with the dog hair we collect, and I wasn't telling no lie. See exhibit A.
Phoebe is a Husky-Lab mix and she sheds. Sheds buckets, er, blankets. This time of year her winter coat is coming off and you can grab handfuls of it when you pet her. Charlie decided to brush and vacuum her and I grabbed the camera.
She was actually being a really patient girl while Charlie brushed her. The downy stuff was justing floating off her and she looked so cute...surrounded by a cloud.
This is the pile that we had when he stopped. It is about 3 feet wide and 2 feet across and a couple inches deep in the middle. So soft.

Well, now that you have seen a good thing, and a scary many of ya want to come over and play?

I promise, we vacuumed after this.


The Roost'er said...

Yup. That looks beautifully perfect. Nice job, both of you!

Heather said...

I love your island so much. It's perfect. Your puppy is so cute and I want to kiss her nose, but she has ALOT of hair. Wow!

Alison said...

The island is so beautiful. You both did a wonderful job. It's nice to use your own creativity and handiwork to turn something unloved into such a fetching and useful thing.
Oh, and yikes to all that dog hair. You must sweep like a mad woman.

Happy friday!

Caroline said...

Nice a sea of fur! Be thankful for hardwoods, they're easier to sweep than carpets. We have a shedder here. Love him, dislike the stray hairs that stick to everything...ick. I heard recently that some pet owners actually make something out of their dog's hair when the beloved pet passes. Yah...not so much.

Kimba said...

GoodNESS!!! That's a lot of dog fur!!!

And the island looks fantastic! Really good job.

Debbie said...

I'm still lovin that island...but the dog...mmm....not so much. I got bit when I was younger and still haven't gotten over it! She is cute...from far far away in my laptop ;)

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh! Do i know about the dog hair! We have a -get this- Husky/Jack Russell mix. He is such a beauty, but does shed something fierce! We love him though, so is not that hard to put up with it. There are just certain parts of the house he can not go to anymore.
Love the dog, love the island! Hubby did great!
Debbie from

Sniz said...

I read about your island on Debbie's blog and couldn't wait to hop over and see it. It looks awesome and your kitchen is so cozy and inviting!

Love ya!