Tuesday, August 12, 2008

caught up

So as you know, I have been watching the Olympics this week.  I get caught up in the pagentry of it all.  The anthems.  The close races.  The underdog stories of athletes from third world countries winning medals.  Especially athletes from those countries that haven't ever won medals before...like Togo.  Togo won a white water medal today, and boy was that guy happy.  

Makes me teary.

People from all over the world doing things that they love and having the whole world watching.  The US Men's gymnastics team, so excited to win a bronze medal.  So thrilled.  Not sad that they didn't get the gold, but ecstatic that they won the bronze.  Michael Phelps on his way to history.  I love his mom, in the stands, cheering until she has no voice.  I'm not a mom, but I can bet that her heart is just about to explode with pride.

See how it all sucks you in?

I have been glued to the tv since Friday night and the opening ceremonies.  I learn a lot about sports and other countries through the Olympics.  I get caught up in it all.  Some people might be jaded about the Olympics, and especially about Communist China hosting them, but I like to look past it.  

I told you, I am addicted.  

Don't even get me started on how much I love the winter olympics.

But what has me hooked the most?  

Is it Phelps or the gymnastics? No.  I do love the diving and the beach volleyball, but am I thinking about it all day?  No. 

I'm singing "This is Budweiser.  Budweiser.  This is Budweiser.  This is beer."

Yup.  They keep playing that commercial and that song is catchy.   I woke up this morning singing it.  I got into the shower singing it.  I cooked dinner singing it.  Whoever wrote that tune probably makes crack too, because I haven't been able to kick it all day.

And the most ironic thing?

I've never tasted beer.  


Heather said...

Ugh...you're not missing anything. Beer always tastes bitter to me. Hey...have you finished Breaking Dawn???? I've been dying to discuss.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Go A-B! (Anheiser Busch for the non-yocals.) Don't you love those horses! I run past one of their stables with their sweet babies in the spring and their great beauty all year-long on some of my runs - like the one where I met grumpy gas station owner guy. It's In-Bev now (boo), but I don't drink beer anyway. I do like their fancy Michelob Ultra fruity flavors (like tuscan orange grapefruit!!!). But is that too much info?

Nichole and Scott said...

Bud/Bud Light used to be my favs. I can't drink either now d/t my medicine but I still love the commercials. They have a great marketing team. I love everything about the Olympics too. I'm there with you and am caught up in it all too.

Jennifer P. said...

I'm sure they paid someone lots and lots of money to make the song THAT catchy :)!

And I just have to add that I LOVE that you read the last two pages of Breaking Dawn before starting it! I did the same thing with the last Harry Potter. Didn't want to invest the time to read it if it ended badly :)!

Hunny Bee May said...

Yesterday I found out that AnimalPlanet.com has their own Puppy Olympic with a kitten opening ceremony. I learned quite by accident since I don't normally spend a lot of time searching the web for animal sporting events.
Anyhoo, it's kinda cute.
I actually have been loving the swimming and gymnastics. Watching world records get smashed is very exciting!!

I can't believe I haven't noticed the beer song. I'm sure I will tonight!