Saturday, August 23, 2008

speak, Lucy

I have no great wisdom to impart today. I am tired. School wore me out and sleeping in this morning was like a gift. So today's post is full of random tidbits.

Here is my Lusy trying to talk to me. She really does have a pretty good vocabulary of moans and sounds that convey something. She is a very vocal dog.
We went to the movies last night and I got the big tub of popcorn. Yup, the refillable kind of tub. I ate some and then dumped it out and got more on my way out. Then I came home and put it in gallon ziploc bags. It filled two gallons. Two gallons of movie theatre popcorn. Heaven.

I ate cannellini beans last night for dinner. With tortilla chips and slices of cheddar cheese. It was the most random things and they were in the fridge and I didn't have to cook them, just heat them in the microwave.

I wanted to participate in the Nester's Mistreatment post, but it wouldn't work for me, (stupid computers) so I missed out. Em, please tell her I am sad that I missed it.

The Olympics are almost over, but synchronized swimming is on today. I will be on the couch, with my movie theatre popcorn, cheering our team on to victory. Swimming with makeup and music? Sounds like so much fun to me.

My mom is still in my house and still looking around with her realtor. It's taking a long time but I know she will find something good. Her birthday is coming up and I have to shop for a gift. I think I will get her some earrings. She is always looking at silver earrings, so maybe I can find some good ones.

Lucy is asleep at my feet while I type. Such devotion.

They used a Christian worship song on an episode of Scrubs that my sweetie DVRed. We wouldn't have noticed if the close caption hadn't been on for my mom and "Jesus" popped up on the screen. Then we rewound and listened to the lyrics, and it was a Kutlass song called "All of the Words." Good stuff.

Random enough for you? Love me through it people.


Evi said...

I'll be doing the same thing today...with the popcorn. Cool to know you'll be doing the same thing. I LOVE synchro swimming!

Scrapper Mom said...

Hey. I love randomness. Sometimes it just be's that way!

Enjoy your day.

Kat said...

I think it's a sin to go to the movies and not have popcorn. So, with doing the no carb thing...I am sinning left and right. Today I watched a movie and had pistachios instead. Wasn't quite the same.

What movie did you see?

Caroline said...

Sissy, its all good in the hood. You be random and scattered anyday. If I were to do this, it would be a hot mess.

Hunny Bee May said...

Random is my middle name. Well, that and Kay. Random is more of an adopted middle name, but you know what I mean. I'm being technical. How random of me.
I love movie theatre popcorn. I never thought to bring it home. The next time I actually get my behind out the door and into a movie theatre I'll have to try and remember that. I wish they still made it with coconut oil. Stupid health nazis. That stuff was the best. Now it's just butter 'flavored'. Good enough I suppose.
Okay, hope you get lots of rest and sleep this weekend so you're nice and bright on Monday morning.
Happy Sunday night!!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

You be random any time you want! I am that way daily. I'm totally frustrated because I hoped to catch a tiny smidge of Sinchro swimming and got nothing, nada, Zilch! Not even one add for it. AACK! How was it?
Have a good Monday.

Lula! said...

I enjoy your randomness,

What movie did you see? I was supposed to see my boyfriend on Friday, but didn't...long story...too sad to go into. But I'll get my Jason fill very soon.

Love that Kutless was on Scrubs. I heard a teeny tiny rumor that a song by a Christian group might be on the Twilight soundtrack. And it's a gooooood song, but not preachy at all. Will let you know more about it later. But wouldn't that ROCK?

Heather said...

LOVE random posts. Your puppy looks like she's singing in that picture!

Jennifer P. said...

i like random :)!

emily said...

I missed out, too on the mistreatment posts so I know how you feel. And I'm with the other girls: I love random Sissy. Feels like we're chatting over coffee. Maybe we should do that for real?!

American in Norway said...

Stopping by via SITS COngratulations on being blog of the day!!

Jill said...

Congrats on your being featured today!

Breanne Vasquez said...

I like the randomness. Wow - 2 gallons. I knew the big one was lots of popcorn but not that much.
Your blog is great.

Ritch in Love said...

Your dog is just a doll! Congrats on SITS!