Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday was my Mom's 66th birthday and we celebrated in style. We had two couples over and I made dinner and then we had cake. That doesn't sound that stylish, does it?

Well, it isn't. It isn't that special.

But what made it special is that this is the first time in almost 13 years that we have been together on her birthday. We have lived in two separate states and our birthdays always fell during the school year, and we are both in education. But now that she is retired, we were able to celebrate together.

I bought her this purse. Now, I loved this purse in the store. It is so pretty and I wanted it for me, which tells me it is a good present. And my mom actually liked it, so that was good. But it turns out that she had already bought herself a purse yesterday, so she ended up with two. Her selection of purse was not as wonderful as mine, but she was happy with both.

I know you want one, too.

I bought it at Kohl's, if that helps anyone, and it was on sale. I know I will probably have to buy one in the coming days for myself, now that I see her carrying it around. I think they have it in red, too. Oh baby.

And, a reader emailed me this morning that when she was looking up ways to recover her ottoman, my Ottoman 101 post came up in the results. She had never been to my blog before and came over and read that post! I guess I never think that the things we write could actually be "googled." Wow.


Kat said...

Oh, google can bring some strange searches to my site! And some of them are soooo off from what they actually find there.

Cute purse - and Happy Birthday to your mom!

MoziEsmé said...

Cute purse! Hope your mom had a happy b-day!

Sarah said...

That is a cute purse! I saw your comment- 728 kids is a LOT. That's a lot of names to learn! How's the first week going?

chickadee said...

love that purse! i might have to treat myself.

Ronnica said...

I too hate missing everyone's birthdays by being so far away. The last birthday we spent together as a family was my 19th. We might get to again this year, though, as I graduate the weekend before my birthday and my parents will most likely be flying out on my birthday.

Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy birthday to your mom. Sounds like a wonderful party and present! Doesn't she know the rule that you aren't supposed to buy yourself gifts right before your birthday? That is a big rule in our family. Oh well, what woman wouldn't love 2 new purses. ;)

emily said...

cute fun that you two are together on her bday :) And that she'll be there for yours in November. I really need to come visit, don't you think?

Patty said...

found you through sits... me likey! i love the style of that purse, i'll have to check out kohl's - but i won't tell my husband i'm on the lookout for yet another purse.

i once posted about my little boy getting a black eye when he fell and hit his face at daycare. you wouldn't believe the number of people that linked to my blog by googling "toddler black eye". who knew that was such a common occurence, i thought stuff like that only happened to me. haha

Hunny Bee said...

Okay, so how thrilled is your mom that you posted her age? My mom would be all "Melissa, you could have just said it was my birthday and left the numbers out!" LOL!

Once I bought my mom a smaller purse because she carried such a ginormous one stuffed with everything under the sun. I would get so embarrased back then (when I was a kid). I thought a smaller one would force her to down-size.

The next time I saw her she was using her new purse and stuff was busting out of it cuz she stuffed all the same crap in it. I think a strap broke. She couldn't bear to part with all her 'necesseties'. I think she had a small drug store shoved in that bag.

Anyway, I didn't buy her anymore purses after that.