Saturday, August 9, 2008

mmmm...mongolian beef

I am a little weird, I'll give you that. I read the end of books, I don't like blue bathrooms with seashell motifs, I am probably high on paint fumes and I am obsessed with lemon drops. But, I am an American.

And I love the Olympics.

Seriously. The Olympics are 17 days of sports mixed with soap opera. And that could be why macho sports guys don't really take them seriously. But I love them. And I cheer for the Americans while learning about people from other cultures. And other countries that I have never heard of, and I thought I was good at geography.

So yesterday I made my plans. Invited over another Olympic minded friend. I made a banner to show my support and hung it above my TV. And we ordered Chinese food and settled in for the Opening Ceremonies.

Here we are. This is my friend Kristen and me with our Chinese food and our banner and some guy doing tai chi on the TV screen. Yes, I am in my pajamas.

The Opening Ceremonies were cool, at least the part I stayed up for. The drummers, the flying dancers, the dancers with lights on their costumes, the ones in the boxes and the cool painting that all the athletes walked over. Interesting stuff. And the parade of nations was a learning experience.

They don't have alphabetical order in China. Because the have no alphabet. So, the countries were ordered by the number of strokes it takes the make the character that is their name. So after Greece, it jumped all over the place. I thought maybe this might mean that the US could be closer to the front, because I tend to go to bed after cheering them on. But no, they were still 2/3 back in the parade, about where they would normally be in the alphabet.

I was getting sleepy waiting for the US team, and I was on my couch. Poor President Bush who was sitting there waiting, in the stands, in some seats that didn't look all that special, and in the intense Beijing heat. He looked so bored, even with the binoculars they gave him to look around. I had the Matt Lauer to keep telling me facts about the parading countries, and I am sure Bush would have enjoyed those tidbits.

So, now begins two weeks of interesting stories and sporting events. I like gymnastics, diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, and anything with a horse. Girly events, I guess. But, hey, I am nothing if not a girl. And I will take a peek at some of the more obscure sports that who ever knew anyone practiced, let alone could win a medal for. Like ping-pong, or women's steeplechase (which looks like women jumping over horse jumps) and white water rafting.

What's your favorite event to watch?


Hunny Bee May said...

I like watching the diving. Mike and I recorded the opening ceremony and watched it last night. I went to bed early but he watched the whole thing. He too got sleepy waiting for the US.
I don't know where else to say this, but since you brought up the Olympics I'm gonna voice my one complaint here and hope some Olympic producer guy reads it:
Would it be AT ALL possible for the those announcers to shut the heck up during the actual events, especiall the ones that are choreographed to music? I get so mad when I'm watching something, say gymnastics or skating, and some blabber mouth has to ruin the whole thing yammering on the entire time.
Okay, done ranting. Sorry if I brought you down from your paint fumes high.
I'm looking forward to watching too!

Hunny Bee May said...

Oh hey, we were totally wondering if Chinese take-out sales went up last night too! Guess you guys proved maybe they did. Wish I had thought to order out too!

Nichole and Scott said...

What a good idea for dinner. I wish I had thought to do that too. Wait, I didn't think about it til now but I made Fried Rice last night for dinner. It wasn't from a Chinese restaurant and I didn't even realize I did it til just now. Here I was sitting reading your blog all jealous.

My favorites are the gymnastics, diving and sincronized swimming. By the way, I loved how you described the Olympics as Sports with the added bonus of a soap opera. TOO PERFECT AND TOO TRUE. I LOVE THOSE PERSONAL STORIES! Barbara Walters better look out. They always find the tear jerkers don't they?!

Oh, but here is my peeve! I can't stand it when a US Gold, Silver or Bronze winner doesn't sing the National Anthem when it's played. Oh, at what point did it become too difficult to put your hand on your heart while the flag is raised and the song is played? COME ON!! The camera is on you show some US PRIDE for crying out loud!!! IF you can't sing it or recall the words you lose the medal. Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh but You are representing our country!

Amy said...

I LOVE that you had an Olympic Party with Chinese take out! I wanted to do that but my husband was not on board with it all. :-(

I like to watch swimming, diving, and gymnastics!

I enjoy your blog so much, thanks for sharing your heart! You seem like such a wonderful person.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Hi!! I found you from Blog Around the World!! A fellow Olympic lover AND a fellow NCer! That's awesome.

I love all the olympics... course I'm partial to gymnastics - mostly because I like how it makes my own kids turn our living room into a stadium and start doing summersaults all over. And really, the degree of difficulty is higher because they're contending with furniture and stuff.

Did you perchance see Bob Cotas' interview with the President last night? I laughed so hard at the end when Bob asked him if he was going to any other venues and the President said "Well, if you guys would let me off this set, yes" HA HA!!!!!

Nice to meet you - look foward to reading more!

Lula! said...

The last time I watched the Olympics was in my beloved Atlanta in '96. And only 'cause they had pick-up trucks in the opening ceremonies. Yeeeeeee-haaaaaw!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I, too, thought the Chinese takeout was a FABULOUS idea! We ate Papa John's Pizza. Sort of close, right?

OK. Maybe not.

Talk about Soap.Opera. Did you hear the one about the French swimmer falling in love with the Italian swimmer and she tried to swim for Italy and they said no and now he's dating her rival and then WOW did she come in last or WHAT? Felt very sorry for her.

Go USA! Gotta go watch Phelps.

There should be an Olympic medal for most letters to type in word verification. What kind of 'word' is rqhshpqx? I've never heard of it.

Sniz said...

Hi Girl! I'm sorry I haven't been here in so long. I've just been an absentee blogger-friend this summer. :-( But school starts tomorrow, so I'll probably be around more, and since I love reading your blog, I'm looking forward to more frequent "visits"! I'm with you on the Olympics. The syncronized diving is my favorite.

Hey, come check out my freshly painted room on my blog. :-)

Love ya! Sniz