Tuesday, February 10, 2009

doctor's offices (a yawner, don't say I didn't warn ya)

I hate to bore you with more adoption stories, but today we accomplished another step. Charlie and I both had physicals as part of our paperwork process and it wasn't too bad. I don't think I've had a physical in years...I only go to the doctor when I am sick, or for the annual visit to the OB-GYN.

Here are things I think are semi-funny about doctor's offices, but I seem to find wherever I go...

  • The chairs in the waiting room aren't ever comfortable, and I hate it when they are attached at the arms. That just isn't enough room when it is a crowded waiting room, and the person sitting next to you is quite large.
  • Why aren't there ever good magazines? Who wants to read Ski Magazine? Come on, would it hurt to invest in People? Or Real Simple?
  • Do they need to put me in a room and ask me to sit on the exam table when there are two perfectly good chairs in there? Especially when they are going to leave you in there waiting for another twenty minutes. That isn't comfortable. At all. I always just sit in the chair.
  • Urine samples aren't easy for women. We just aren't made that way.
  • The hallways back behind the reception desk are a maze of beige walls and closed doors. And nothing is labeled in a manner that makes sense to the patients.

Now, my doctor's office is brand new and the doctor was really nice. The room wasn't this teeny-tiny cubicle and the doctor happily filled out all my forms. The billing woman, though, was a tad snippy, but I can forgive her if she has to deal with insurance forms all day.

Ok, even I am bored typing this post. It's quite a yawner. Life just hasn't been filled with excitement lately. Lots of paperwork, appointments, and family stuff going on and the only thing I have to report on is my appointment. Charlie has a sinus infection. I grocery shopped yesterday and made hot dogs for dinner last night. See, life is so interesting!



Anonymous said...

It is still interesting to see everything you have to go through to adopt..I had no idea you even had to have a physical exam, wow!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

It's one more thing to check off your "To Do List." That in itself is exciting because it means you're one step closer to your BABY!