Wednesday, February 18, 2009

jim + pam = happiness

This is my current wallpaper on my computer and I love it. Don't you love it? Even if you don't love the Office, you have to admit that this photo is lovely. And the man in it is handsome. Soooo handsome. MMMMmmm.

Here are the reasons I like it. And these are in no particular order...I'm just calling them like I see them.

  1. I love the lighting in the shot. I know it is California and they are outside and it is warm there and I want to be on that red carpet.
  2. I wish I could get dressed up for fancy stuff.
  3. I love the expression on Jim's/John's face. So sweet. Smiling down on Pam/Jenna in the way that makes me think that he might have actually had a thing for her at one time. And I know that stars are ACTING, they aren't actually in love, but I still like to think it's real. I still think that Chandler and Monica are together somewhere. Leave me to my fantasy.
  4. I wish Charlie would wear a tux all the time. He's going to be in a wedding in May and I was so happy when the groom asked him. I knew I would get to see him in a tux. Yum.
  5. Did you see the episode of the Office after the superbowl and Jim told Pam's dad how he felt about Pam? I think my heart skipped a beat. I rewound it and played that part twice. Great writing on that show.

In the past I have had pictures of Lucy on my wallpaper. I have had hail and leaves and trees (of course) the X-men (charlie's pic) and Iron Man. Depending on my mood, I change it around.

Which brings me to my next question...what's on your screen?


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Pictures waiting for me to blog about them. Otherwise it's a picture of my daughter on a floating duck during her first swimming lessons. Love it!

Nichole said...

I have a picture of a cherry blossom branch. I decided I need a "Springy" picture to try to get me out of the winter blahs!!

Krystyn said...

My kiddos are on my screen.

They are pretty cute:)

Tracy Roberts said...

I have a picture of my two beautiful little girls sharing a funny moment. It is precious.

Illoura said...

LOL, love 'The Office' but it's a bit out of my world (we now live in the sticks instead of a megatropolis).
As for desktop screen pics, I try to change it out every few days to one more awesome scenic thing I caught in a moment of awe: sky at sunset, eagles resting in the pine tree, or my horse... the reasons are many, but I am happy to have this little techy plaything.
Thanks for sharing - your blog is neato.

Lula! said...

I have never seen The Office...but one day...I will Netflix it.

My screen saver is from last May...when Twilight still had a release date of 12/12/08.

I need to update it. For real!

josh and annie said...

hmm so I saw this picture and immediately thought I missed an episode of The Office! I was all, "WHAAAAAAAAT?!" such a cute picture. :) I love Jim & Pam.