Sunday, February 1, 2009

how I blog when I'm tired

This post doesn't really have a topic and sometimes that is ok, I guess. I just feel the need to post, but there isn't that much to talk about. So, here are some random happenings from this week.

  • The men at church were hosting a chili cook-off and Charlie was excited about how he might be able to bring home the leftovers. He thought it would save me from cooking one night this week. I asked him if he'd ever noticed that I never made chili and he hadn't thought about it that much. I told him it was because I hate chili. He decided not to bring any home.
  • I accidentally fell asleep this afternoon with wet hair and woke up with dry, out-of-control, non-moussed frizzy hair. It was ugly. My hair is now in a French braid.
  • I cut my finger yesterday and everytime I bend it, it hurts.
  • When it rains in the afternoons, you should think of me. Because I am standing outside for 45 minutes with a yellow slicker on, holding an umbrella by pressing my arm to my side so that I can keep a dry-erase board dry, so that I can do my carpool job. That happened two days this week. You should try it.
  • Punxsutawney Phil is only right 37% of the time.
  • It is legal to tackle someone by pulling on their hair. It's legal in football. I don't imagine it's a good practice in life.
  • I got French fries at McDonald's today and they only filled my fry container up about half way and I didn't notice until I got home. Honestly, the fries are my favorite part. If the French really did invent them, I have to give them props.
  • I keep waiting for Emily's blog to have a new design, and each day I am so excited to click over there, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • I am waiting for The Office to come on after the Super Bowl, but it means watching the end of the SB to see it, and I just don't think I have that much energy left tonight. Thank goodness I can watch later online.
  • We used up our January allotment of grocery money by the 25th, and although I could have shopped anyway, I decided to have a grocery challenge and see if we could eat all week without shopping for anything else. We had some weird combinations, but we managed to do it. Tuesday night we had leftover porkchops with pancakes and we each had an egg. Strange, but tasty.

That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about my sleepy little life. We really don't do much around here, and the grocery challenge was actually one of the most interesting parts of the week. See what I mean? If that's the highlight of my week?

Time for bed. Nighty-night.


Amy said...

LOL! I LOVED this post...I feel for you with the carpool thing. I always appreciated the specialists at school who did that while I was inside with the kids. Thank you for keeping the kids safe at dismissal time!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I love seeing how long I can make food in the house last before I am forced to the store too. Sounds like an interesting combo indeed. LOL!

Drew said...

Food stamp challenge! Seven days, $21. Sounds like an impromptu one. Sav-A-Lot is our friend when that happens hahahahhaha.

Heather said...

We have had those grocery challenges too! One night we had spaghetti with blueberry muffins on the side. You wouldn't think it would be that good, but it was an oddly tasty combo.

Anonymous said...

I would be so mad if I didn't get all my fries. I love them too.

Btw...the Belgians invented fries. They eat them with mayo. I love fries with mayo but everyone else seems to think it's weird.-hunnybeemay

Jennifer P. said...

I love random! Isn't it grand to take notice of life's little details :)?!

Congrats on the grocery thing--I think what you ate for dinner is actually on the menu at the IHOP :)