Tuesday, November 17, 2009

don't hate me, Lula

And anyone else who loves to read YA novels. One of the major perks of my job is purchasing books for the library. Last Monday was a half day and so I spent the better part of the afternoon at Barnes and Nobles, perusing the racks and making selections. I ended up with two boxes full of books that I brought home and sorted through.

When it comes to YA literature, I have to be careful. My school is k-8 and not all YA books are meant for middle school kids. In fact, I know, according to my other aspiring writer buddies, that most YA is meant for high school age kids. But, in a world where everyone wants to be older, my students are reading them as well. And not all are shining examples of how teens should act. But that isn't my main point, here. I can whine about that later.

My point is that I pulled some aside, some that I found to be on the borderline, that I needed to read first before shelving. And I pulled a couple that I wanted to read first before shelving.

This is the perk. I spent $635 of the school's money on books. That I get to read. And don't have to buy or wait til it comes out in paperback. Sheer luxury. I am going to enjoy it while I can, because once this job is over come May, I will be just like everyone else.

One that I discovered was this one, called North of Beautiful, by Justina Chen Headley. What a wonderful book. AHhhh, it's the kind I love to read. There's a little bit of romance and some basic teenage angst, but there's also an adoption sideline (which I loved), a trip to China and the main character dealing with a facial birthmark she wants removed. Such a lovely and important story that teenage girls need to read. I could gush on and on about it, but you can just read it for yourself and know I'm right.


Melissa Stover said...

i love ya books! i'll have to look that one up. it was my early teenage years that hooked me as a reader forever. those are some of the best books i remember.

redeemed diva said...

I love, LOVE YA books. I read them all the time just to find out what yoong people are reading. I love Crazy Man and Ida B. and her plans to maximize fun,avoid disaster and possibly save the world.
I'll have to check out your choice.

2China4Ayla said...

Sissy - Just throwing something out there in the open for you to consider. You love China adoption stories....you love my girls....you always dreamed about adopting from China....are you 100% positive there is not a child in China waiting for you to find them? Of course you can tell me to mind my own business, I should. It just seems to keep popping up. Makes me wonder. Of course I have a keen interest in China adoptions myself, so I have not said this to you before because I do know I am bias.

Lula! said...


Just kidding. I'm only very jealous of your job.

Currently reading "The Prophecy of the Sisters," by...cannot remember her name at the moment. It's good. It's YA. Duh.

Read The Maze Runner...James Dashner. You know, my new BFF. It's really, really good. Better than good. It's "Hunger Games" good.

stefanie said...

Sissy, I'm ordering North of Beautiful for my older daughter for Christmas. Do you have any recommendations for my other daughter who loved reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson?