Sunday, November 22, 2009

new moon's arisin'

I'm too lazy to actually upload the couple of shots I took from my birthday weekend, but let's just say it was fun. Ohmy. Yes. It was fun.

It started on Friday (my actual birthday) when my mom brought me lunch at work and some new picture frames that I had been asking for as a present. The school also gives each staff member the cake of their choice for their birthday, so I was presented with a fudge truffle cheesecake. YUM. Pics of that to come. You know I have pics of the cake.

Friday night was dinner out with our friends Phil and Bethany, and a $20 gift certificate to Kohl's. YAY! Saturday morning I slept in, then cleaned the bathroom, then got ready for the big night out.

The big night out included this:

Yup. Edward and Bella and that other dude in the film. My two friends Emily and Mandy escorted me to the movies and then to dinner. Emily gave me the sweetest book and a posie pin that I immediately stuck on my coat. The movie was so much fun, and when you see a movie on the opening weekend, you know the other people in the theater are also fans. And they were. There was such a camaraderie in there, and people actually cheered when that wolf dude took his shirt off.

Okay, here is my review of the film. It was really good. It was certainly better than the last one, and was very true to the book, with only some small embellishments or changes. Edward is still a tad moody for my taste. The wolf dude was much cuter once he cut his hair, but we know he'll never have a chance with Bella, and when Emily wanted her to pick him, I threw Nerds at her. I did. I liked the ending and am excited about the next installment, since Eclipse was my favorite of the books. It's been fun that both movies were released so closely to my birthday.

But they still didn't paint the kitchen cabinets yellow. And Bella's bed is on the wrong side of the room. And the color Kristen Stewart's hair is in the photo is more what I think the color of Bella's hair should be. Not quite so dark. Yes, I'm picky. Whatever.

After the movie, we had a really nice dinner and all went home feeling happy. It was a great night, and a fun birthday outing. Today, my mom cooked lunch for Charlie and I and his parents and niece and nephew, and his mom gave me a really neat cookbook. Just in time for Thanksgiving. YAY.

So now I am exhausted and I have to work tomorrow. It's been a good weekend. Oh, and I turned 33. I keep forgetting that part.

Feel free to stick around and look at that picture. You know you want to.


Alison said...

Yay! It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend. I'll never get the Twilight craze, but I'm glad that every other female in America has something to squee about.
Oh, and fudge truffle cheesecake?!
I definitely need to see a picture of that. I may not "get" Edward and Bella (or the other guy...Jacob?), but dessert speaks to me.

So anyway, as I sit and ramble on a Monday morning, here's to a good year. You and I have to represent for the 3-3 this 'em how it's done.
Um, sure....or something like that!


Karrie said...

Edward is YUMMY.
I so enjoyed the movie!!!
Happy birthday!!!

2China4Ayla said...

I am BIG time Team Edward in the books but the movie makes me switch to team Jacob - Taylor Lautner is a better actor and more manly then Robert Pattinson and he is just a boy!!!! Robert is too fem. for me and he is a poor actor and Kristen Stewart could also take some acting classes so that she would quit shaking her head with every line. This movie was BY FAR better then Twilight and I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next as well. Glad you had such a nice bday weekend.