Monday, November 23, 2009

a not so happy bithday present

So, one of my not so favorite birthday gifts was the chopping down of a tree in our front yard. It was cut down under my protest, and in this first shot you can see the guy up in the tree chopping limbs off. I don't like him.

He left behind some sawdust, and a whole bunch of branches and twigs in my yard. Charlie only wanted to pay for the tree to come down, he didn't want to pay for them to take it away, which is what I wanted.

Here I am, looking sad. It was not the most fun part of my whole birthday weekend.

Here is Charlie, looking rather triumphant, wouldn't you say? He looks mighty proud of himself, I do think. He looked happy until he had to start chainsawing the stuff and hauling it down to the curb.

AND, he made me help him. Yes, can you believe that? I didn't want anything to do with it, but there I was outside, in the cold, taking logs to the curb for people to pick up for firewood. There was much grumbling on my part.

Doesn't he know how I feel about trees? Yes, he does. And he's planning to take another one down that is hanging over our house, but he has promised to replace it with something nice. I told him that some sapling he could buy at Home Depot couldn't replace a 100 year old tree, but I was overruled. It seems to happen a lot lately.

Oh, well. Goodbye tree. You lived a good life, and I will miss your pretty leaves. Charlie will NOT miss your gumballs.


Alison said...

I'm sorry you lost your tree; but you were a good sport to help out your tree murdering husband.

The front of our house bakes in the mid afternoon sun and I would love a tree to provide a little shade.

redeemed diva said...

haha! What a great shot of you and your husband! I love how poar opposite marriage can be at times. Happy Birthday!