Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caroline and Phoebe and little random thoughts

I recently won a contest over at Diagonally Parked. Rebekah was giving away a book that her sister wrote, called Sweet Caroline. It came in the mail in a lovely flowered package and my Mom sat down and read it! She was here on spring break and read it before she went back home. Then I finally got my hands on it and read it in one afternoon. It's a good read!

It is a great story of Caroline and her family. Caroline inherits a run-down diner from her boss and is faced with many choices in her life. Should she keep the diner or take a job in Barcelona? Should she continue dating the town sheriff or get back with her old boyfriend who comes back to town? OOOOhhh, the plot thickens! Along the way, Caroline has an encounter with God that is profound and special. I highly recommend it as a fun read. I only wish Rachel had included the recipes for all the wonderful lowcountry food that she included. Especially Bubba's Buttery Biscuits..don't those sound yummy?

Here is a sweet little shot of my furbaby, Phoebe. She is taking a little nap on the couch in our den. Come on, isn't she cute? You may get sick of pics of my dogs, but until I have kids, this is it, folks! Phoebe is a Husky-Lab mix with blond hair and blue eyes that are incredibly hard to photograph. With her eyes closed she looks sweet. When we take pictures of her with her eyes open, she has major demonic red-eye that can't be corrected with the red-eye setting on my camera. Something about the shape of dog's eyes or some other reason.

On another note, things at work are going well this week. I am running a book fair and today was Librarian's Day. While all I got was a smoothie from a parent, it was a great day.

On yet another note, Charlie and I are currently taking a break from fertility drugs for a couple months. With all the chaos at work, I just couldn't take the emotional upheaval that the drugs were causing. I needed to be focused and calm for the kids and the hormones were just making life too hard. Plus, since my job is on the line, I'm not sure whether or not I'll have health insurance after the summer. So we're taking a little break. It has been nice to breath and not stress about it these past couple weeks.

Isn't it funny how we never really know where life will take us? I had this whole plan about my life, what age I would get married, have babies, build a house, etc. I had a plan for everything else and those seemed to work out, but my personal life has always taken longer to put together. Charlie didn't come along until way after I wanted and this baby thing has been a really hard experience. I guess in the scheme of things, I really am lucky. Charlie is wonderful and God brought me Pottery Barn, so I need to be content with His blessings. But each time I have to pee on a stick, the tears flow.

Lord, help me to find contentment in the blessings You bring me everyday. Wipe away my tears and bring me the peace only You can bring.


Brenna said...

Take heart and be of good courage, Sissy. God loves children and loves to bless us with them...

Your pooch is just precious!

Hunny Bee May said...

I will have to check out this book Sissy. Hope you have a restful summer too. From what I understand, fertility treatments can be completely overwhelming. I wish you the very best in that regard. Take care,

Anonymous said...

Im sorry that you have so much going on, but i think taking a break is a good idea. the added stress from infertility and your job makes it much harder to conceive. God does have a plan for you, it just apparently doesnt mesh with yours. Like you said, look at when charlie entered your life, and look how well that worked out!

btw, the reason you cant get the red out of dogs eyes is a lens over their retina called the tapium. its meant to reflect light in the darkness. during the daytime, it looks greyish if you catch it at the right angle. we dont have it, which is why they have much better night vision than us! ya!

Debbie said...

I will have to check out that book, too! The pic of Phoebe is absolutely sweet...and I am not a dog lover at all...but she looks so content. Relaxing over the summer from work and the drugs, might do wonders. My sister in law had fertility issues, took clomed, and now has 6 kids! The last two were without any fertility drugs. There is ALWAYS hope. It is the journey and the waiting that is hard. So my advice to you is enjoy this time with your husband...because when those kids come, and they will come, you will be reminiscing about the good ole days of sleeping in and doing what you want when you want. I know you would give that up in a minute, but just savor this sweet time with your hubby because that kind of quality time is very difficult for me and my husband to have at this stage of our lives and sometimes I really long for it. It's about being content right here, right now with what the Lord has blessed us with. It's like Phoebe...sleeping so peacefully and so contently in the comfort and care of her owner. Isn't that the way we should be no matter what is happening in our lives? Peaceful and content in the care of our owner/creator. You are being blessed, because He loves you enough to bring this trial into your life because HE wants you to be closer to HIM. Awesome. Just awesome.

Rebekah said...

Im glad you liked the book... and yes, I would love to have some of the reciepes (i didnt spell that right but im too tired to care)

Glad things are better at work- and Thank God for Pottery Barn

Sniz said...

You are such a sweetie. Hang in there and keep looking at the bright side-counting the blessings God's given you. You are an encouragement!

TTYS - Sniz

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks for the nice write up. :)

Your dog is too adorable!!

Blessings, Rachel