Monday, April 14, 2008

friendly flowers say hello

This weekend we bought plants for our yard. Well, some plants for our yard. Our yard needs major TLC due to the fact that the previous owners had not lived here for about 2 years and the yard had not been maintained. They are all overgrown and need to be cut back and some need to be moved. We can't really figure out what they had in mind when the landscaped, but it isn't really cohesive.

Anyway, I had these two urns at our other house, but the plants died. On Friday I bought purple salvia flowers and some little yellow ones (don't know the name) to put in them. I planted them Saturday morning before the rain came.
Here are my two helpers taking a look at my planter. Phoebe is on the left, and Lucy is on the right. I planted two planters, but I didn't take a picture with both of them in it. Don't ask why, who knows?
Here is a closeup. I think the purple and yellow look really nice together. They are complimentary colors, you know!
And, here is some moss to show you. This is growing in between the bricks on our steps and looks so cottage-y. I like the way it looks, but it makes the steps hard to sweep since I don't want the moss to come up with the dirt I sweep off.

I really liked the way my planters turned out. I will show you the rest of the yard another time. There is more work to be done than we can manage at one time. If we could afford a landscaper, I would have a beautiful yard with lovely green grass...but that is not what God gave me. He gave me tall trees and lovely shade, but no real grass to speak of...and bamboo growing in the back.

Hope you enjoyed my little project. I am sure that there are better planters out there, but these flowers made me happy!


Emily said...

Looks so nice! Love those urns!

And I love the moss too!

Anonymous said...

i love the contrast between the purple and yellow flowers.

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Rebekah said...

I love purple and yellow together. And yes, the moss looks so cottage-ie. I love it

Heather said...

Your flowers made me very happy too!! What adorable helpers you have. I'm craving a puppy lately. That could be trouble.

Jennifer P. said...

The purple and yellow do look great together! Funny that you should show the moss--we have some too and I won't sweep it for the same reason :)! Something about moss that makes a house look so steeped in tradition!