Friday, April 25, 2008

A tisket, a tasket...

I won a basket!!! I won. I WON!!!! I cannot believe that I won. Oh my.
We had a fundraiser at school and the classes put together baskets to raffle off. I bought some raffle tickets, some for this spa basket pictured above. And I WON. I can't tell you how excited I was to bring it home! The picture doens't even do it justice, because there were three other packages that went with it.

I will never need to buy lotion again.

There were so many different kinds of lotions, shower gels, body scrubs and creams. One whole basket is full of PartyLite candles and lotions. There were two pairs of slippers, a set of towels, a bathrobe and that ceramic duck. I have a loofa, a sponge, several foot pumice thingys, and two sets of toe separaters. I have cucumber eye coolers (which I will send to whomever wants them- I hate cucumber!) chocolate soaps and chocolate chapstick. There was a gift card to Starbucks and one for a Pedicure and Manicure. The robe is so soft and cuddly and it came with a matching throw.

I was jumping up and down the whole day! The Boosters sold almost 4000 tickets. I cannot believe I came home with that basket!


Hunny Bee May said...

Now I'm jealous of you Sissy!!! I love toe separators. They feel so good. Now you know at least one weird thing about me. I really want a pair of Yoga Toes.
I love that you got a bathrobe too. You can't have a proper spa night without a good robe. And do you have a good book? You need a good book too.
Omigosh you are going to have so much fun with all those goodies. You lucky ducky, you!

Caroline said...

SCORE!!!! Can I come over and be girly with you? I know we don't formally know each other, but hey, no matter. Have fun with that, that's awesome!

Evi said...

Did you get any cucumber lotion? teehee.

Heather said...

Oh, Sissy!!!! You so deserve that basket. I had to enlarge the picture just to ooooh and aaaah over all of the goodies.

Sarah said...

What fun! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!