Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a new dream

Thanks to Debbie, I learned about Pottery Barn Outlets today! I looked them up and found out where all 17 are located. There are two relatively near me. One is in Virginia (near Debbie) and the other is in Gaffney, South Carolina. Just my luck, I will be driving past Gaffney this summer when I visit Florida for my brother's wedding! I will start saving my pennies now.

On a side note, about my trip to Florida. I hate Skybus. Charlie and I bought our tickets to Florida, and then Skybus went bankrupt. Nice. We are out $200 and had to buy new tickets to fly down. Lovely. I mean, seriously, do you think they could have shut their website down or something if they knew the company was in trouble. I guess I am only out the money. I really feel bad for the people that flew out somewhere, the airline shut down, and they couldn't get home.

Enough crabbing about that, time for bed. To sleep, perchance to dream. Of Pottery Barn.


Emily said...

Are you flying to St. Augustine? I know Skybus flies (well, flew) here. I had friends planning to leave Thursday on a trip and they shut flights down today. What a bummer.

Yay Pottery Barn Outlets!!!

Alison said...

The Pottery Barn Outlet in Virginia is close to where we'll be moving this summer! You'll have to come visit me and we can shop. Ooh, we can go to IKEA also!
Sorry to hear about your Skybus issues.
You would think that they'd have a fair amount of warning and the wits about them to not sell tickets when they're facing a financial crisis.


Debbie said...

UGGGHHHH...Don't you hate when money goes to waste like that??? That is money that could have been spent at, well, Pottery Barn ;)...I hope you are able to spend lots of time in there. The store here in VA is pretty big...most of the stuff is just stuff that is out of season or last years models, but WHO the HECK CARES! The only thing you have to watch for is that it is also the repository for returns and sometimes the stuff is damaged...so check over any furniture you get very carefully! Other than that it is great!

Anonymous said...

sissy, make sure you contact skybu. they are refunding money. there are a few moms on my mommie site who have already gotten their refund.


Jennifer P. said...

There's an outlet in Oregon or Washington, or somewhere near my sis-in-law because she frequents one. She says it takes a trip to an outlet to see how much the merchandise actually varies in color and quality (i.e. the same black chairs when all lined up can actually be different colors of black). I'd still love to visit one :)!

So sorry about the Skybus thing. That stinks. I didn't think our government let anything go out business anymore. They seem so into the favor of bailing out! Hope you find a way to get a refund or a favorable solution to your problem.

Sniz said...

So that money is just lost? Wow. All the people who purchased tickets, plus all the employees that are out of a job. ATA and Air Hawaii went bankrupt last week too, and a friend of mine whose husband works for American says AA is in serious trouble too.