Saturday, April 5, 2008

dining room dilemma

Saturday night.... (the original post is below and non-italicized)

Here are some closer pics of the chairs in the dining room. The colors are a little washed out, but they are a beige/green/gold background with the pink and blue flowers with green leaves.

In this shot you can see the pattern really well. I am actually not in love with the pattern so much, but I needed 8 chairs and these were the ones I could afford AND live with. If anyone has a great pattern for parson's slip covers, I might get out the ol' sewing machine. Then I could paint any color I wanted.

Hey, all you bloggers out there! I need some decorating help. We moved into our house last year and we really focused on the kitchen. You have seen what we did to that room, but now I need to work on the rest of the house. Here is my dining room.

Our front room is connected to the dining room and is painted a warm yellow. It is called "cowslip," which I don't really why it was called that. A cow's lip? Um, I don't think a cow has yellow lips. Anyway, the front room is yellow, but we haven't painted the dining room yet. We have brown leather furniture in the front room and a glass dining room table with parson's chairs.
The dining room has a chair rail and one window. This looooong wall with the painting is very big and dull. The opposite wall from the window has a swinging butler's door to the kitchen.

My question is I paint it the same color as the front room? Can I do something different? Do you think that yellow will go with the chairs ok? If you have any other ideas, I would love to know.


ps. Thursday and Friday were really good days at school! I am in the mood to decorate again!


Emily said...

I actually love red dining rooms. Not sure how you feel about red, but a color maybe even like the red in the throw pillow on your couch. I don't like matchy matchy so I vote no on the same yellow as the front room.

emily said...

What's up with you having other friends named emily?

What about that bluish color in your chairs :)? Looks like my bedroom color Oyster Bay would look good on those walls...I love that color. It kind of looks gray on the Sherwin Williams color card, but you know it isn't.

And we really need to connect and see eachothers houses!

Hunny Bee May said...

I like something in the red family too. I don't think you have to do yellow just cuz the other room is, though some sort of color harmony brings them together. What about doing one color below the chair rail and another above? I don't think things like this have to match, they just have to go. Know what I mean? Get some swatches at home depot and see what you like. good Luck!

Sissy said...

While I love red, I already have red in my kitchen, and that might be a bit much. Especially with those chairs. I tried to take another pic to show you them up close, but there is actually pink, blue and green in those chairs.

Keep talking though...I can use any advice.

Alison said...

I agree with the 2nd Emily's comment...maybe you could pull an accent color from your chairs. I'm having a hard time telling what colors are in the fabric. How about green? A warmer green that would compliment the yellow in the front room?
Do you have lots of natural light in your dining room? If so, you could go dark, like in a shade of red, but if your room isn't naturally well lit, I might argue against that.
We were at one of Craig's co-workers houses last week and their kitchen/dining room was painted in this really dark purple/burgandy color and it was just too dark and cave like.

I'm glad you had a better end to your week at work.
Sorry, I didnt respond to your earlier posts. Craig was sick this week and he requires much attention. Why are men such babies when they're sick? The Army has done very little to toughen him up!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer P. said...

Silly Sissy--cowslip is a kind of wildflower :)! I think that if you have yellow in your living room and red in your kitchen, a nice khaki would be a good bridging color. There is a color called Relaxed Khaki from Sherwin Williams that has just enough green undertone to it to look wonderful with yellow, and i think it would compliment your chairs too. If you want, the next shade down "Universal Khaki" would look great under the chairrail.

Wish I lived closer so I could help you tackle that long boring wall--I love to do "salon walls". I think your picture could benefit from being in a little grouping with some mirrors or a few black and white prints. I bet that Chatty Emily and her sister could help out there!

Hope you're enjoying your solicited advice :)! Best to you!

Heather said...

I don't think you necessarily have to slipcover your chairs unless you're just tired of them. My friend painted her house Universal Kahki and it's really warm and cozy. It goes with absolutely everything, so I think it would go with your chairs. Or I agree that a nice sage might be lovely.

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