Tuesday, April 1, 2008

frustration update

It's Tuesday and I am so tired. Mom went home today, so I have the house to myself again. I really love to have her here, but you know, sometimes having that extra person in your house, who doesn't really live there....enough of that.

Yesterday I was back at work and it was a stressful day. Today was better. If you have figured out anything about me at all, it's that I'm someone who likes approval. From anyone. From everyone. I like to know that what I am doing works is making someone happy. I guess I need to learn more balance in this area, but I think everyone is burdened with trying to make their boss happy. Otherwise, they ain't chor boss no mo!

But yesterday I could do nothing right, it seemed to me. I have asked for some supplies and I still don't have them. And I need them. I need them Thursday. Morning. At 8:15. And it has to be ordered from Pennsylvania. Overnight. Uh-huh. And I had to go ask AGAIN about them. Now, let's see what you think. If you felt like your head was on the chopping block, would you want to be pestering anybody? Nope. But in this situation, I have to get these supplies through the office, because they are expensive. I can't buy them myself, or I so would have. So I had to email someone again about it.

Like I said, though, today was better. I did a really cool lesson with 1st grade and they really loved it. At a meeting after school I got an award from a colleague (the Book Queen Award). That made me feel appreciated. I even ordered some books and resources online ( I can do that myself, thankyouverymuch!)

So, I say all this to say that I think some of your prayers may be getting through. Keep it up. You don't know how much I appreciate all of you that I don't even know including me in your prayers. Keep em comin'.

Oh, someone asked in the last post...I am a librarian at a K-8 school.


Ann said...

OOOOOOOOh I so now the relatives in your house thing, thats why my blog has fallen behind, I have had 2 lots of family on different weeks ie one lot collected from airport and delivered back 10 days later, change bedding etc and collect next lot frome airport etc etc, nightmare and inbetween all of that my business partner is ill so working full shift at book shop plus its easter break, so Harriet has been home plus extra friends over doing girly stuff, plus Sophie and Sam have been with us, as Bryan her hubby is posted out on NATO work somewhere in Europe................phew no wonder I'm exhausted.

Debbie said...

I hope your week just keeps getting better! Keep praising THE ONE that is going to bring you through this trial.

Sniz said...

So are the issues that they are cutting back and think they maybe can do without a librarian? Come on! Even if it's not that, what's their problem? You are one of the sweetest, kindest people I know (granted, I only know you through blogging, but still). I've been praying and will continue to.