Thursday, June 12, 2008

the secret

I know, I know, I am the last on the bandwagon! But it wasn't because I didn't want to do it, it was because I didn't know HOW to do it. That's right...I had no clue how to paste the HTML and I think, like Heather, I thought it stood for HotMail. Seemed appropriate. But, now that I have figured it out, I can proudly display my saucy new sidebar.

I know. You've been there for weeks. I know, everyone looooves it. And I do too. I am just a late bloomer. But, I have done something many of you have not.

I have actually talked to Heather on the phone.

That's right, people. I have made contact. Turn those green eyes of jealousy away.

I had to call. I had to throw myself at her mercy and please, please, pretty please, tell me how to paste this HTML stuff into my page. Pretty please, with sugar on top?!

Thanks, Heather! You were very helpful and it was fun to talk to you. In person would be better, but I will settle for the phone. I have to. You live in COLD Colorado where it spring hasn't sprung and I am all the way over here in NC. Where it is HOT.

I did see one other Bloggy friend in person today. Emily came by and we talked paint samples, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dawson's Creek. Ahhh, the memories of Dawson's Creek. Em and I used to get together every week to watch the Creek. She would drive over to my apartment and we would eat dessert and watch our favorite teenage soap. We loved it. So much soapy, teenage drama fun.

And I finally sent poor Lula the book she won. Finally. Sorry, Lula.

It has been a fun day. My second day of vacation. Sleeping in is bliss. Watching Racheal Ray is a treat. Hanging with Emily was a bonus and eating in my clean kitchen was relaxing. Talking to Heather was a treat, and the nice man at the Post Office who only made me wait 3 minutes was an angel sent from heaven.

I love summer.


Heather said...

It was SO much fun to talk on the phone! I loved hearing your voice. It makes you "real", you know? After I hung up, PB asked who I was talking to and when I told him, one of the twins said, "I wanna talk Mith Thithy!" Good stuff.

Lula! said...

Yeah, well I've talked with Heather while she was changing a poopy mess. So there!

Ha. :)

Can't wait for the book. Thanks for sending it. I thought about taking it to the beach. But then I was thinking I'd receive some strange looks by fellow beach blanket bingoers if I was sitting in the sand, blubbering, snubbing and bawling my head off. Because usually folks are drunk when doing this on sandy shores. So...

Caroline said...

Welcome to summer rest and relaxation! Welcome also to the saucy sisterhood! Better late than never, but then again, you were only fashionable late, what with your plaid pink flip flops and all.

Jennifer P. said...

I heard Heather giggle once on a video she posted on her blog, does that count :)?! Glad you made contact! And welcome Saucy Sistah!


Debbie said...

We are still in school for two more days. Insane I know. Sounds like you are off to a great start. We will join you in the summer fun on Wednesday. Yee haw!