Tuesday, June 24, 2008

we are family, all my brothers and me

I posted about the wedding a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about how many we have coming up this summer. I think this was the biggest one, though, because we traveled to Florida and made a little vacation out of it. And yes, the wedding actually WAS more important than the Pottery Barn. I do have priorities, people!

Anyway, my big brother Drew has had an amazing ten years. His first wife left and he took it like anyone takes it, I guess. But then, he made something beautiful out of it. He studied and learned and waited and prayed. And then he met Jamie.

Jamie is a really great woman of God. She is a missionary who has traveled the world with an African Children's Choir. And she fell in love with my big, broken-hearted brother.

Here they are on Saturday looking so happy. My brother isn't the easiest man to get to know, but Jamie really understands him. They hosted a very simple and lovely wedding, that was more about worship than a wedding. Their church service started with 30 minutes of Praise and Worship, and then the actual ceremony started.
Oh, yeah. Drew is about a foot taller than Jamie.
Here are the girls. Jamie let them select their own dresses and they looked so cute.
Here are the guys. Charles, the best man, is about a foot shorter than Drew, so they took this one to be funny. Don't you like their ganster hats and canes?
We had a great time and enjoyed the party. Instead of a cake they served hundreds of cupcakes (yum!) I decorated the car for the newlyweds and off they went to who knows where. They wouldn't say.
And here we are in our wedding finery. I forgot to take a pic of the shoes, but I will show you them later. I think we cleaned up nicely. Notice my cute new haircut, if I do say so myself!

I don't know Jamie that well, and to be honest, my brother and I don't know each other as adults. But I am happy for him. I want him to find joy in all that the Lord has brought him. It has been a tough road for Drew, but this happy beginning is an awesome reward.

Congratulations, Drew and Jamie!


Heather said...

Awwww...those pictures were adorable! The DO look very happy and I'm glad he found someone to mend his broken heart.

The Roost'er said...


Welcome Home! Hope you're feeling better!

Jennifer P. said...

What a pretty girl! She looks a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker without the frizzy hair. And, you, my dear do indeed clean up very nicely.

And stories like this have always warmed my heart, but now they fill me with such hope for "one day".

Caroline said...

Those pictures of your brother and his wife are so good. But you my dear, you look gorgeous. Love the new do!

Rebekah said...

Congratulations to them.