Monday, June 30, 2008

rental car rush

If you are like me then you expect to be treated well. I expect strangers to treat me politely and give me the benefit of the doubt. I expect my husband to treat me like the Queen that I am, and I expect those in the service industry to do their jobs with a smile. Right? I mean, I want a happy waiter, whether you have to fake it or not. I expect a polite and comforting doctor. I want a doorman, concierge, receptionist or secretary to act like they are happy I am there and just so excited to answer my question.

But I don't expect more than that.

I don't expect you to upgrade me if I haven't paid for it. I wouldn't ask you to give me something for which I haven't paid. I don't ask for extra discounts. I hardly ever quibble with my bill. I tip well (usually 20% because I can't figure 15%.) But I'm not asking for a freebie or anything extra. If you offer, fine. But I ain't bringin' it up first.

So imagine my surprise when we landed in Florida for my brother's wedding and the rental car lady says:

"Is is just the two of you?"


"Do you have much luggage?" Why? I wonder, does she care?

"No, just little weekend bags."

"I have a convertible, if you like."

OH. MY. STARS. I have never really been in one, and to let you know, we reserved a sub-compact car. Like a Hyundai two seat hatchback thing. Cheap.

She gave us the keys to this:

She warned us that it didn't have my space and so our luggage wouldn't fit, but we had to try? Right? We went out to the lot and spent all of 5 minutes with the pretty, pretty car that had no trunk and no space for my little suitcase.

We took the keys back inside to the nice lady. To the lady who was going to let us drive away in this upgraded rental because... I have no idea why. Cause we looked nice? And we were polite to her. And we called them to tell them our plane would be late? Maybe.

Well, we ended up in a PT Cruiser which was fun and had lots of space for out little luggage. It was pretty too and maybe had hurt feelings that it was our second choice, but it took us to our destination and say goodbye without a tear.

But, those five minutes where we were gonna drive around in that convertible were sweet. I imagined us jetsetting down the interstate with the wind in my hair and loud music on the radio. I imagined my brother's face when we pulled up to the hotel in that car. That pretty, silver, luxury convertible.

With no room for luggage, or shopping must have been designed by a man.


The Roost'er said...

My husband drove a like-wise nice convertible on a recent business trip to CA. He was feelin' it all right!

Too, too bad you packed suitcases, of all things!

Rebekah said...

you should have ditched the luggage and taken the car. (or at least taken it for a quick spin around the block)

Jennifer P. said...

I would have thrown my luggage away, and never given the car back ;)! Looks like you had a great time on your trip!

Heather said...

Oh my stars!! Did your suitcase have wheels? Could you have towed it from the back? That's a REALLY cool car.

Frizzy said...