Sunday, September 7, 2008

big girl clothes

I think many of you know I am losing weight. Now this summer, I didn't really try very hard, but I haven't gained any weight back from the weight I lost this spring. I have lost 15 pounds and I feel really good about it.

Until I try to buy clothes.

Let's just say that I am still in the big girl section. And we all know the BG section is way smaller than the average girl section. There is so much less to choose from. Luckily, I can get away with buying XL tops from the regular sizes and I just have to get my pants from the BG section. And that's what I was looking for: brown pants.

I wanted some nice, dressier brown pants. I wasn't looking for cotton khakish brown pants that I would have to iron everytime I wear them. I wanted wide leg dressy brown pants. Not too much to ask for, right?

I DID NOT want brown pants that taper at the ankle, thus making me look bigger. I did not want pants with a grandma elastic waste. I did not want pants that did not have pockets.

I went to two stores and could not find anything. I had been in the mood to shop and then it was just so frustrating. I almost wanted to cry. There are miles and miles of regular girl racks, and the BG section is tiny. One turn around it and you've seen everything there is to see.

Let me throw this out to designers. If such a large percentage of America is overweight, then why aren't you trying to make some money off them? If anything, I would think a big girl is going to spend more time trying to look nice, because it takes more effort to hide the things we want to hide.

I only have two more sizes to go and then I can begin looking for all my clothes in the average section. That means about 15 more pounds to go. And I know I can do it. But I wanted to look nice while I was doing it.

I wanted some chocolate brown pants since I shouldn't eat the chocolate.


TERI said...

Sissy, I am in the same boat as you. The thought of having to shop for pants makes me depressed to even think about. Just last fall, I found a solution (besides losing 40 lbs over night) I found the Right Fit Jeans and Slacks at Lane Bryant. They actually fit! I cried when I first tried them on. I so much can relate to your post. So now, I have about 5 pair of those Right Fit pants and it has made me happier with myself. Go online or go to the closest store if you have one. I live in such a itsy bitsy town, that I have to shop online for everything. Sorry this comment got so long.. Just wanted to share that with you because I could relate so much to you frustration.

Amy said...

Congratulations on the weight you have lost, that is wonderful! Good luck on the next 15 and on finding some delicious chocolate brown pants!

Virginia said...

A few years back, I was very overweight. I calculated as obese and I always shopped in the XL department. I agree on what you mean about selection. They had absolutely NOTHING. I remember going into stores and dreaming of the day that I'd be able to shop in a normal section (though at the time, I didn't think that would ever happen). Also, when I would find an item of clothing that I loved, I'd wear it over and over and over again. People commented on this, but I don't think they understood never being able to find anything to wear. I actually lost all the weight between college and marriage and now I can fit into the regular section. I have to say though, I still have a hard time finding clothes. Maybe I'm just too picky.

Kat said...

I am so far removed from getting out of the big girl section. And I agree - there is nothing there. I just don't understand it. Especially when so much of the population is in that range. And why it's so ugly, I'll never understand. Punishment with polyester is just cruel and unusual.

emily said...

Girl, you are beautiful. And I know you want to lose the weight because, well, you want to lose the weight. But just keep remembering how beautiful you are. Love your previous post, too...the 7 things. I can hear you say "water with lemon, please" right now in my head.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN! I HATE SHOPPING ANYMORE. I miss my size 8 self and hate she'll never be back d/t my medical conditions. That doesn't mean I don't try and don't want to feel pretty and not like I could accidently wear the same outfit as my grandmother. HORROR of HORRORS! In addition, why does everything have to be made from clingy material with huge hidous patterns that aren't flattering to those who are thin let alone "FULL FIGURED." GIVE ME A BREAK. Don't even get me started on the stripe factor. I would love to cry for joy instead of frustration over tops, bottoms and styles. Thanks for sharing this post. I am glad to hear I'm not alone in my self-image or shopping frustrations.

Evi said...

I SOOO understand.
I have just as much fun trying to shop for my size 11 wide feet.(apparently I can find cool shoes in vegas or new orleans...if I don't mind the 'drag' edge, or red vinyl thigh boots)
And don't get me started on how apparently 'big girls' don't have sex because trying to find 'plus' maternity ...well...almost non-existent.
Though I know that is one battle you would not mind to battle. (Still praying BTW)

Lula! said...

I hate buying pants...hate, hate, hate. I love Chico's, because I'm a size 2 (or 2.5, depending on the fabric of the pants!) in their that makes me feel great about myself. But, a 2 in Chico's is not a 2 in the real world. And Chico's is not cheap.

See? I can't win.

melissa said...

that's so frustrating, sissy! i'll definitely keep my eyes open for you. there's nothing worse than being excited about a shopping trip for yourself, and then just coming home irritated and empty-handed!! good job being dedicated, girl!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

If you're up for shopping online, I get great slacks from Old Navy. Their women's sizes I think are only online though. HTH!