Wednesday, September 3, 2008

seven things

I am adapting this post from one I read on Stretch Marks. Now, Melissa is really funny and has a much more entertaining life than I do, but hey, you all might want to know the innerworkings of my here goes.

Seven things I can't do:

  • body wasn't meant to bend that way
  • sing (oh, how I wish I could)
  • straighten my hair
  • visit the reptile house at the zoo
  • watch horror movies
  • eat shrimp
  • run marathons

Seven things I do well:

  • cook
  • read
  • craft ( i am all sorts of artsy craftsy)
  • remember things...I was an awesome student because my memory is so sticky
  •, I drive well. not fast.
  • make a mess
  • email

Seven things you might hear me say:

  • shhhh (I'm a librarian!)
  • all the words, charlie. Listen to all the words.
  • ouch (I'm clumsy)
  • what are you doing wrong, and how can you fix it? (this is the teacher in me)
  • Lucy, hush!
  • water with lemon, please
  • turn over, charlie, you're snoring.

Seven celebrity crushes:

  • George Clooney
  • Matthew Perry
  • Tom Colicchio (top chef)
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • John Krasinski
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Michael Vartan

Seven things that made me love my husband:

  • his kindness
  • his dedication to see something through
  • let's face it, he's so darn cute
  • his intelligence
  • he isn't afraid of much
  • he doens't mind that I have those seven celebrity crushes, he has his own
  • he loves me

Hope you enjoy learning about lil ol me.


Lula! said..., Sissy. I did learn a lot about you, specifically in regards to shrimp. It is now my goal in life to make a believer out of you. Me & shrimp are like peas and carrots. Yum!

Scrapper Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Nice choices in the crush department.

Frizzy and Bird said...

What a fun post. I love it and feel I know you a even better than yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

Alison said...

That was fun to read!
I'm with you on shrimp and reptile houses. Blech to both!

Kat said...

I love shrimp. But I am allergic to the skins when they are raw. It's the best allergy in the world. Because it means that I don't have to peel 'em.

I might just have to steal this meme. Just might...

Heather said...

SO cute!! I'm sad that you can't eat shrimp. I eat copious amounts whenever the opportunity presents itself. I like your celebrity crushes. When does Gray's Anatomy start up again anyway??

Evi said...

I LOVE reading blog entries like this, I never have time to get to know people in real life. In the cyber world I can 'talk and listen' to you when... I...have the time.
Thanks for always staying up so late (LOL)

Mommy said...

You nixed the 7 things you want to do before you HAVE to answer that too my friend! I did