Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have I ever told you about my love of Friends? I mean, really told you? I know, I've mentioned it before and even quoted a couple lines from it, but have I ever really confessed my deep and abiding love for all things Friends?

Get ready. It's not pretty.

Well, this picture isn't half bad.
I remember watching the first season of Friends. It was MUST SEE TV and I was in high school. It was my senior year and Friends was just a little show on Thursday nights. It started with a rich girl in a wedding dress running out on her wedding and looking up a friend she hadn't seen since high school. And I was hooked.

Friends went to college with me. Even when I didn't have a TV, I would find a buddy who had one and was watching Friends. I made friends with those people over episodes of Friends. We bonded over laughs and Ross and Rachel and OCD Monica.

Friends was there when my dad died. Every week the show brought laughter into my life.

Friends was there when I moved into my first apartment. My second apartment. My third apartment. Friends was there when I met Charlie, who'd never watched Friends before. (I almost couldn't date him, just for that reason, right?) But I introduced him to the six people that I'd grown up with. And he liked them too.

In fact, Charlie is the one who bought my first season on DVD. Then the other seasons started appearing for various holidays and occasions. We bought the fifth season right before our wedding and took it on our honeymoon. We watched episodes on my laptop.

I cried when the last episode went off. But they ended it perfectly. They wrapped up everyone's lives and made them happy.

Ten great years of Thursday nights. Ten years of my crush on Matthew Perry. Ten years of consistency. Even if everything around me was changing, Friends was on. Friends is still my therapy. When I am sad or blue, I put in a DVD and I can count on them to cheer me up. I never tire of seeing that purple apartment and frame around the peephole. I can quote half the lines and annoy others who watch with me.

I say all this because I bought this:

You're not really surprised are you? Come on. How could I resist?
It was only $3! And it doesn't look like it has been played that much. And I may not really play it either, but I will read the cards and learn more facts about my favorite show. Emily said she would play with me, and that I shouldn't cheat, but it is quite tempting. I mean, look at those smiling faces....they want me to open the box!
Now you know how deep my love really is for these fictional people. And I do know they aren't really real. I do. But they were there for me for some pretty big ups and downs and I thank NBC for that. And I find it quite ironic that Monica and Chandler experienced infertility and that I am going through that now. I have gone back and watched those episodes and they make me feel better. I know that Courteney Cox experienced infertility in her real life and I am proud that they explored it on the show. What a way to use your medium.

Now you know the truth about me and my Friends. Don't feel bad if your love isn't as deep. Don't be jealous that I now own this game. Don't laugh at me behind my back!

Come over and play!


Lula! said...

I totally have this mama gave it to me for Christmas years ago. I love me some Friends. You know I posted several months ago about our oft-quoted Chandler:

Ross (on the phone): Is that KC like "at the bat" or "and the Sunshine Band?"

Ross (to Chandler & Phoebe): Who is this Casey? What does he want with Rachel?

Chandler: Well, you know...he wants to do a little dance...make a little love...pretty much get down tonight.

Best. Quote. Ever.

KJ Schiffman said...

I own this game too! A couple of Christmases ago it was given to me as a gift- my brothers would try to stump me but oh no, they never could!!!


I adore Friends. And am still a little bitter they left us!

D'Rae said...

I just got this game a few weeks ago! I LOVE Friends and hubby and I still watch the reruns!

Kat said...

You know a few weeks ago I "stole" your meme. That seven things one. And I made some tweaks. Some adjustments. And one I added was 7 things I have never done. One of them is to see an episode of Friends. Not sure what I was doing at that time :-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I feel the same way about friends. Although, there are a few episodes that are hard for me to watch because of things that happened in my life when the aired. I wish I could play it with you. I'm thinking you might beat the tar out of me though. By the way, I've cried oodles of tears over Monica's infertility and how she/I/we felt. I agree whole heartedly with you!

Bug said...

I love this post! I too LOVED Friends and own all the seasons and finale show. I understand where you are coming from. Although I have not watched my DVD's in a while, they are there and I now think that I might need to pull them out again. They are always there waiting for me! They are great therapy for whatever reasons you might have!

Debbie said...

And this is why I totally love you and why you are so incredibly endearing. I loved it and every word make complete sense to me.