Sunday, September 14, 2008

the view from where I sit

In my world there are always some strange things going on. I mean, life isn't ever perfect, you know? It's pretty darn good, but if you are like me then there are always things that need to be fixed or need to be replaced or need some attention.

Like this grill cover, that looks like it was attacked by angry birds. Actually, it was ruined in that oft-mentioned hail storm with the really sharp hail that shredded all the roofs, plants and grill covers in our neighborhood.

Let's look behind the grill, shall we. And we will see something else that needs attention.

This is warped siding that was melted when my husband lit the grill but didn't pull it away from the house. Lovely. Don't know how that will get fixed, and if we hadn't noticed it....I don't want to even think about it. Really. Because that little box right under the melted siding is an electrical outlet. That's right...the house coulda burnt down.

But there is some real loveliness in my world. Like this bush that is near my driveway. I pulled in the other day and noticed this red leaf.

Bright red and ready for fall. And all ALONE on the bush that is almost six feet tall.

Can you find the red leaf now? It was the only one on the entire bush. There are more today, but this little leaf was the first of the pack. Maybe a little ahead of the pack.

Anything in your life that needs attention? What's your view look like? Anything melted or beat up or all alone? Sometimes my heart feels like that, and that is when I know I need some attention. So today, while the husband watches football, I will be curling up in my recently redecorated living room with a book and getting some alone time with me. Talk to you later.


Evi said...

I love that one lone poignant. FALL is on its way!

Debbie said...

You always no what to say Sissy. And that grill cover looks like it survived a WAR not a hail storm!

Frizzy and Bird said...

You are so insightful. I agree with Evi and Debbie completely! I hope you found what you were looking for and enjoyed the journey that day. Oh how we all need these moments and too often don't have or take the time to use them.