Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm not a camping kind of girl

Well, this has been a busy day, and on those kinds of busy days I like to stare out the windows and look at nature. I may be the Queen of Indoors, but I love to look at nature. Look, and take pictures of nature. I mean, we know I like trees and leaves and flowers and such, but I find it very calming. If I was that kind of hiker girl or camping person, I might actually go spend time in the wild. I used to do that kind of stuff when I was a kid, all the time. My dad liked to go and climb mountains and such, and we kids always got dragged along.

I find such beauty in the small moments where the sun shines through the trees and leaves and glows. I love the way leaves can look like stained glass windows when the light is just right. The late evening light in the summer combined with dripping trees creates nature's version of jewelry...sparkly.

It's how I know everything comes together for those that love Him. The seasons show us that every year. Plants are born, they flourish, they retreat for a season to bloom again in the sun. He created that. He showed us that everything and everyone takes a turn. I may never have fortune or fame of change the world in some indelible way, but I can sparkle for him, even when dripping wet with tears.

I may be waiting, I may be wondering, I may be wishing and hoping and praying, but I don't doubt that my turn will come. My time for rejoicing will come, in time. In His time. I have to trust that this waiting season is for a purpose. I may not always like it, but it's the reality of my life.

I can sparkle for him, even when dripping wet with tears. Because He shines.


stefanie said...

This is beautiful. I haven't commented lately, but I've been reading. I can see in your writing, and I presume those in your life who adore you get the honor of seeing in you the fruition of Romans 5:1-5. Hope. Sparkle on.

Hunnybee said...

Love it!

You are going to be an even more amazing mommy with an amazing story of patience to share with your child. It will ALL fit together!
And I'm with Stefanie: Sparkle On! And on! And on!

(((hugs))) -Hunnybee