Saturday, September 26, 2009

spiderman, spiderman

I came outside the other day and stretched between a tree and our ivy plants was this huge spider web, floating in the air. It was about 12 inches across and a foot and a half long. Today when it was raining, all the little droplets were stuck to it and it was really pretty.

It was hard to get a picture, because the camera wants to focus on the background and I wasn't sure how close I wanted to get to the web. I did not see the spider, and since I didn't know his whereabouts, I didn't want to get get close. I took three pictures and then went back inside.

Just thought I would show what has been the prettiest part of the last two weeks. It has been completely rainy here, and the one day that was sunny was soooo hot we'd all rather have the rain. But then today it rained and the temperature dropped. Not so great.

I suppose I could be philosophical about how hard the spider worked or how intricate the web was, or something, but I am not in that place. I could write about how dedicated the spider was, but really, he's just trying to catch some food and as soon as it stops raining, I am going to take a stick and knock it down. I have no love for spiders and my husband is scared of them, so it becomes my job to kill him. In fact, he hasn't really gotten that close to the web.

I am grumpy, can you tell? Things aren't happening that I want to happen, and other things that aren't that great ARE happening, and I wish they wouldn't. Life is confusing and I am tired of being in the rain.

Sunshine is much better for my psyche.


Esther said...

I used to be scared of spiders after seeing "Arachnaphobia" but my husband refuses to let me be a sook. If I call out "There's a big spider in here", he'll call back, "So?" I've learnt to live with the spiders, and although there are some I still hate, I've learnt to appreciate the beauty (or usefulness)in others.

I hope everything improves for you. Just take each day as it comes.

Also I've got a giveaway over at my blog, if your='re interested. Winning a new handbag might cheer you up?

Frizzy said...

I wish I could come over with a big stick to knock down that web and bat the rainy weather away. I hope it's sunny there today both in weather and in your heart. Hugs my dear.