Monday, September 7, 2009

new throw pillows are like earrings

Let me tell you the story of two throw pillows. Once, long ago, I bought a pillow on clearance at some store. It was a lovely sage green colored silk, with a square of sequins in the middle. It was beautiful, it caught the light and sparkled. I loved that pillow and used it as the center throw pillow on our red guest bed. I loved it.

Then, tragedy. Charlie was sick one week and slept in the guest room. And for some unknown reason, he slept, not on the four fluffy pillows on the bed, but on the throw pillow. He used my silk throw pillow with sequins as his pillow. And he slept on the sequin side, pressing his skin onto the rough sequins. Know how I know he slept on that side? Cause he drooled on it.

Yup, he drooled on my perfect silk throw pillow. It left a stain. A big, drooley stain. It completely ruined the pillow.

When I asked him why he slept on that pillow, he had no answer. He had no explanation for why he chose to sleep on that pillow. He had no idea. If I had slept on his precious Mac keyboard, he would have looked at me with the same look I gave him.

Meet the new pillow. It took me three and a half years, and I finally found a replacement. I was shopping at Marshall's the other day and stumbled upon this beige silk-like Nicole Miller pillow for $5.99. Yup, $5.99 with clear, iridescent sequins sewed on the front.

I love it. This is not the place it will end up, as being on the couch is a prime place for dog slobber and husband accidents. I think it will find a home on my bed, and it will be safer there. But I wanted to show it to you and tell the story, because it was quite the quest to find a new one.

Throw pillows are like the little accent pieces that really make the room, like earrings pull an outfit together. And when you find that special pair that make you feel sparkly and special, don't let your husband drool on them.


Frizzy said...

So true! So SO TRUE! Hugs to you and to Charlie.

Alison said...

I have STRICT rules for pillows. We have some NO BODY PART pillows that Craig will not stick his greasy head on. He knows better; it took a while to drill it in to him, but he now knows better.

I feel your pain, but I'm glad you finally found the perfect replacement.

Hunnybee said...

I need to go to Marshalls. My husband and son have destroyed my throw pillows. Thanks for the tip! I'm glad you finally found your replacement!