Friday, March 7, 2008

5 picture challenge

I think it was Miss Sniz that turned me on to this little challenge. She asked that you take 5 pictures of things around your house that say something about you. It took me awhile to take the pictures because I really looked around to find what says something about who I am. What objects really describe me? What do they say about my personality or beliefs? Here, you take a look and let me know what you think...
This is one of our engagement photos, taken by the lovely Emily (chatting at the sky). We had so much fun walking around the park and kissing all afternoon. It was a great time and I got so many good shots about it. I think the reason I included it here is because it conveys that I love my husband and value my marriage.
I have this arrangement on top of our entertainment armoire. The Zenith radio belonged to my dad and I inherited it when he passed away. All us kids have a different one. This one actually works, but I never turn it on anymore. I miss my dad and having his things around keeps him close. I also have a racing trophy of his from when he raced stock cars (minor league, folks).
Ok, I know when you look at this picture you can see the cobwebs. Honestly, I didn't see them until I took the picture. Did I clean it and take another one? No. Too busy. Anyway, I searched long and hard for cool vintage-y rods and finials for my 8 foot sliding glass door. A curtain rod that big was hard to find if I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. These are from Restoration Hardware and I found them on Clearance! Yes. A great deal.
My favorite purse. Enough said.
My hall bathroom. It is a springy mossy green with lilac accents. I went sorta French Country and I have a white shower curtain and those pretty white towels. But...I don't actually want people to dry their hands on them, so I tied that nice wire reinforced ribbon around it to subtly suggest they use the other one on the counter. I am a freak and a decorator at the same time.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this peak into my psyche. If you decide to take up this challenge, drop me a comment and I will come and see. It certainly made me examine who I am and who I wanted to portray to all you out there. I may have purposely not chosen to show you some of the other things about me. Like my drawer full of fun socks. Or my cabinet crammed full of cookbooks. But I know that stuff is there...maybe next time.


Sniz said...

Very nice, Sissy! I love all of these (I do the same trick with the ribbon around my towels in my guest bathroom), but I think the purse was my favorite. It said a lot about you!

BTW, you were the only one to comment on the Friend's reference in my post title. You go, girl.

Anonymous said...

Everything is lovely! :)

Jennifer P. said...

What a fun challenge. I didn't know the you actually KNEW Chatty Emily. She seems like an awful lot of fun!

I loved that your curtain rods had spider webs on them almost as much as the curtain rod itself :)!--so real life!

I think it's neat that you have something so special of your dad's too. Both my mom and my dad have passed away, and I know I just treasure what I have of there's--and love to have it out to look at it too.

Thanks for being so brave and commenting on my old boyfriends post. Looks like you made a better choice!

Rebekah said...

Cool radio. I love vintage stuff too

Carrie said...

I am going to take your challenge ~ I like the idea about the ribbon around the towel like you I am a freak and a decorator too. It drives my family crazy!